10 Signs You Chose The Best Manhattan Florist

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Flowers are important parts of our daily lives, especially in and around NYC. Whenever you come across a wedding, funeral, corporate event, or any other similar gathering, you’ll notice an arrangement of flowers in some part of the occasion. Flowers breathe life into many different events and can be used to create long lasting memories.

At the heart of any floral arrangement in NYC is a quality florist. The florist you choose to supply and arrange your flowers can make a big difference in your home or office. Whether you’re selecting a bouquet for a friend’s graduation or you’re giving a birthday gift to your significant other, a Manhattan florist can help you find the best flowers for your specific occasion.

But what goes into finding the best Manhattan florist? The truth is that identifying a company that will provide and deliver flowers can be challenging. There are so many options out there, and each florist is driven by a unique philosophy. The key is to find a florist who aligns with your intended goals and expectations.

At Scotts Flowers NYC, we pride ourselves as being the best Manhattan florist. It’s not just words that support this claim; it’s our decades of experience, quality of flowers, commitment to the needs of New Yorkers, and much more.

Here are 10 signs that show you chose the best Manhattan florist- Scotts Flowers. 

1. Quality and handpicked flowers

In NYC, you can tell if you’ve chosen a quality florist by the floral arrangements they have available. The best florists in Manhattan only use handpicked flowers that are delivered fresh from the farm. Top florists also design their own bouquets and arrangements, keeping a talented team of experts who know how to arrange flowers for many different occasions.

When looking for an NYC florist, make sure you pay attention to quality. Using the best flowers available can spice up your home or business in multiple ways. For example, restaurants can attract more customers by using quality flowers to create the right mood and ambiance. A fresh supply of red roses in your restaurant can create the desired mood for a romantic dinner, while lilies and sunflowers are perfect for family fun days.

Flowers also play an essential role in creating a specific theme for both homes and businesses. Quality flowers in your home can liven up your mood and make you more productive.

When it comes to quality, you know you’ve chosen the best Manhattan florist by selecting Scotts Flowers. If there’s one thing that makes us stand out from any other florist in the area, it’s the quality of our floral products. We handpick each flower used in our product selection. Whether you’re looking for wedding bouquets or corporate flower deliveries, you can always trust Scotts to provide the highest quality available.

We’ve developed strong relationships with a wide network of vendors over the years. This means that we can move flowers fresh from the farm until your premises in a very short amount of time.   

2. Ability to handle many different events

Another sign that you’ve chosen a quality Manhattan florist is in their ability to handle many different occasions. Nowadays, flowers are used in almost any event you can think of. From the pews of church aisles (during a wedding) to the top of caskets during funerals, flowers arouse many different emotions relevant to the occasion.

For example, white roses and lilies show the purity of a bride and of the wedding occasion, while tulips are excellent for demonstrating timeless love between the bride and groom. During corporate events, orchids and sunflowers can create an uplifting theme and break the ice between colleagues.

An NYC florist who can create arrangements for a wide variety of occasions is a good choice to work with. Such a florist needs to know what works for a specific event, and how to prepare floral arrangements that will make the occasion a success.

You know that you’ve chosen the best Manhattan florist when you work with Scotts. Scotts can prepare and supply floral arrangements for weddings, birthday parties, restaurants, corporate events, funerals; you name it. Each occasion is treated differently, and we take time to understand which flowers you need to make the event a success. As a quality florist in NYC, paying attention to detail is our strong point.

3. Experience and expertise with flowers

When looking for a florist in Manhattan, one of the most important things you should consider is years of experience- and expertise of the staff. You will know that you’ve chosen the right florist when you realize how much of an impact expertise and experience plays.

Why is this the case? First off, picking and arranging flowers is an art. The more you work with flowers, floral designs, and relevant occasions, the better you get over time. Experience allows florists to improve on their weaknesses and identify further opportunities. Experience also means that the florist knows their flowers, a field that proves to be quite expansive.

At Scotts Flowers in NYC, we know that expertise and experience is a clear sign you’ve chosen the best Manhattan florist. For over 50 years, we’ve walked hand in hand with New Yorkers as they’ve arranged wedding ceremonies, Valentine’s Day dinners, birthdays, and many other occasions. And as their top florist of choice, we’ve always been ready to provide quality and relevant flowers for both big and small events.

We’ve also used our experience over the years to hire talented teams of designers that can arrange many different floral products. From wedding bouquets for the bride to a special graduation present for your child, Scotts Flowers NYC has you covered.

4. Positive reviews from customers

Another sign that you chose a quality florist is positive customer reviews. In today’s world, more than 90% of customers read online reviews before they purchase a product or service. Reviews can give you the inside scoop and a unique perspective from the customers of an NYC florist. With each review written, you can get a sense of the level of service rendered, as well as the quality of floral products delivered.

Each review written by a customer represents emotion, empowerment, and a sense of community. And in NYC, customers share their experiences with others so they can know who’s the best florist in town.

At Scotts, we’ve earned our reputation as a top reviewed florist. Our positive customer reviews are evidence of the quality that we provide. Simply put, our customers are happy when they shop with Scotts, and they come back whenever they need more flowers.

When we say that we’re the best Manhattan florist, don’t take our word for it. Customers who’ve turned to Scotts for their weddings, corporate events, funerals, and weekly flower deliveries can speak to the level of service that we provide. We go above and beyond to make sure that each customer we serve has a big smile on his/her face.

I was lucky enough to speak to Robert, one of the owners, over the phone when placing a rush delivery order.  Their eternal rose collection is beautiful and will definitely be my mom’s favorite birthday gift this year.

The service was incredible, and Robert couldn’t have been more of a pleasure to work with.  I can’t wait to do business with Scott’s Flowers again.  Moving forward I won’t order flowers from anywhere else.

Thank you!!

-Gabrielle, L.

5. A commitment to customer service

Lots of care and detail goes into selecting flowers for any occasion. Whether you need a new bouquet for your bedroom or centerpieces for your restaurant, a florist who prioritizes your needs and concerns will be the best company to work with. 

But how does customer service apply to choosing and purchasing flowers? First off, you need a florist who takes time to understand your specific needs. Every customer is different, and each occasion you may be planning is also unique. For example, the wedding bouquets one bride might choose will differ from what another bride selects for her special day.

Quality customer service means that the best Manhattan florist will take time to understand your specific preferences and work towards meeting them. Florists who care for the needs of their customers are also readily available to address customer concerns and they take time to build trust with new and repeat customers.

At Scotts Flowers in NYC, we’re defined by our commitment to customer service. You only need to make a single purchase, or a single phone call, to know that you’re working with the best Manhattan florist. Customer service also becomes very important when you entrust a florist to arrange and deliver your flowers. Most floral arrangements require care and attention to detail. Scotts is the company you can entrust with big projects such as funerals, weddings, and corporate events.

When planning an event, you only have one chance to get it right. The high level of customer service provided by Scotts means that we won’t disappoint when it matters most.

6. A wide variety of floral products

There are thousands of species of flowers in the world. From local NYC perennials such as violets and tropical milkweeds to exotic options such as poinsettias, you have an endless selection of flowers to choose from. Therefore, don’t limit your options by working with a florist who doesn’t offer a wide variety of products.

You will know that you chose the best Manhattan florist if you have a wide catalog of flowers and arrangements to choose from. With more options available to you, you can plan better for an upcoming event and maximize the use of flowers in your home or business. In other words, there should be a diverse selection of flowers offered by your NYC florist- and included in various floral arrangements.

At Scotts, we use a wide pool of flowers in our product selection. While some arrangements may only feature red roses (such as the red hook), many other arrangements use 3 or more flowers in each vase. From hydrangeas to lisianthus and lilies of many different kinds, Scotts in NYC knows how to blend many different flowers to create unique products that will liven up your occasion.

7. Value for money

Simply put, New Yorkers want to know that they’re getting a bang for their buck. And depending on the occasion, quality flowers can be quite expensive to purchase. Many people may try to look for ways of spending less on flowers, such as cutting out the middleman or selecting lower quality products. Remember that you get what you pay for. You’ll know that you’ve chosen a quality Manhattan florist by the value that they give you for money spent.

At Scotts in NYC, we pride ourselves in maximizing the bang for your buck. As a high-end florist, we offer handcrafted floral designs, cater to many different events, and focus on customer service. We know what it takes to deliver flowers that you will absolutely love, even when planning for a somber occasion such as a funeral or memorial. And with our pricing model, you can be confident that you’re paying for what you get, and what you’ll get from us is quality. That’s what you can expect from the best Manhattan florist.

8. Flower delivery services in NYC

While there are many florists in the NYC area, few offer weekly or monthly flower delivery. You’ll know that you’re working with a quality florist in NYC if they offer flower delivery services.

But why flower deliveries? This service ensures that you maintain a regular supply of fresh flowers in your home or business. Weekly deliveries help restaurants maintain their ambiance while keeping employees in offices more productive. You can also enjoy weekly deliveries in your home, as flowers have been shown to uplift moods and even improve the quality of air.

Scotts Flowers offers one of the most comprehensive flower delivery services in NYC. We can prepare unique and attractive arrangements for offices, retail stores, homes, hotels, and much more. Each customer is also assigned with a dedicated account manager, who works with you to develop a plan that suits your specific needs. Our weekly and monthly deliveries also ensure that your home or business has quality flowers, cleaner air, and reduced stress levels.

9. An emphasis on creativity

Another way you can tell that you chose the best Manhattan florist is by the level of creativity each arrangement represents. The best florists in NYC hire talented teams of designers who know their flowers well – and who put exceptional care into the arrangements they prepare.

Even with the same set of flowers, to begin with, quality florists in NYC can create many different arrangements that are suited for multiple events. It all comes down to creativity, attention to detail, and care when preparing a floral bouquet.

Luckily, Scotts in NYC knows all about creativity. We know how to use our handpicked flowers to prepare bouquets that are breathtaking for your specific occasion. Our creative collections feature romantic options (such as the Endless Love or Whitehall Street arrangements), orchids, sympathy flowers, season-themed arrangements, and so much more. Our creative touch is one of the reasons why we’re the best Manhattan florist.

10. Regular incentives for customers

Finally, you’ll know that you chose the best Manhattan florist if you receive regular incentives for being a customer. Incentives show a deep appreciation for your business and make you keep coming back whenever you need a fresh bouquet of flowers.

At Scotts, we show our appreciation to customers in many different ways. Let’s start with the fact that we provide free premium vases with our flower subscription services. Whenever you receive a fresh supply of flowers, it will come in a new, elegant vase- to maintain the theme of your home or office.

We also offer special deals on our core and seasonal collections (when you shop with us, keep an eye out for these deals). And if you’re looking for a girl’s night out or a corporate team-building activity, our flower arrangement classes are a great option to consider.

Why are we the best Manhattan florist? Because we’re more than just florists; we’re a multi-dimensional company that serves New Yorkers with a passion. Are you ready to add the Scotts touch to your home or office? Contact us today or click here to shop.

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