Backyard String Lights Ideas :

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Backyard String Lights Ideas

Add string lights to your backyard or patio with these simple and budget friendly ideas

Is there anything more magical than string lights lighting up a cozy evening in the backyard.

String lighting is the cherry on top to creating a backyard oasis.

They make you feel like you are on vacation even when you are just on your patio!

String lights patio ideas

That’s why when we started this backyard makeover I knew I wanted to add string lights around the fire pit.

See our budget DIY fire pit here!

At our old house we hung string lights around our patio with our DIY outdoor curtains.

It was really nice and always felt super cozy, plus that method was renter friendly and could be easily taken down and put back up.

This method for hanging string lights is more permanent but still budget friendly and has no long extension cords involved!

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Patio string light ideas


  • Solar Powered String Lights
  • Metal Poles/4×4 Boards/Tree Trunks
  • Cup Hooks
  • Zip Ties
  • Concrete (optional)

I wanted to create a whimsical fairy garden feel, similar to what we did for our outdoor wedding.

So instead of regular metal poles we opted for tree trunks!

Placing String Light Poles

Patio light string ideas

Start by digging holes for your poles, dig them 2-3′ deep.

Patio light string ideas

Once the hole is dug, insert your pole and level it the best you can.

Patio light string ideas

Fill a quarter of the hole back in with dirt, this will help the pole stay in place also.

If you are using thinner poles or don’t want to setup these poles permanently, you can skip this next step.

Securing with Concrete

If your poles aren’t super thick you might be okay just filling and packing the hole with dirt.

Patio light string ideas

I wanted to make sure our tree trunks were super secure though so we mixed up a small amount of concrete and filled the reminder of the hole with it.

Let the concrete cure fully, then top with dirt.

Eventually our plan is to build planter boxes around the poles, but that’s a project for another day.

Attaching String Lights to Poles

Whenever I add string lights outdoors I choose these solar powered ones.

Patio light string ideas

These ones are super simple to setup, last a really long time, and I don’t have to deal with messy extension cords.

To install them I pre drill a small hole at the top of the pole and then screw in the cup hook.

Backyard String Lights Ideas

The cord of the string lights fits perfectly inside the cup hook and can be secured again with a zip tie.

Backyard String Lights Reveal

Backyard String Lights Ideas

That’s it!

These string lights were so simple to put up and I think using the tree trunks makes it extra special.

It really does feel like we are on a private vacation back here now.

Backyard String Lights Ideas

This portion of our backyard makeover is wrapping up really nicely and we have even stayed in budget so far!

Backyard String Lights Ideas

We saved a bunch of money by building our own Adirondack chairs and getting our egg rock from a local rock company.

Let me know what you think of our DIY string lights and if you are a fan of solar powered lighting or not.

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