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Scented candles are cherished for their amazing aroma, and there is no shortage of fragrance variety for the avid collector. But once you take them out of the box, you are faced with figuring out where to put them. Candles in decorative jars make wonderful room accents, and you may want to try out some of these candle décor ideas to elevate their visual appeal.

Candle in a Serving Tray

It’s amazing how transformative a simple serving tray can be when combined with a large jar candle. For a country or rustic design, opt for a wooden serving tray in a square or rectangular shape. Set your preferred candle inside the tray, and then accent it with fresh or artificial floral sprays, twigs, pinecones, seashells or other accent pieces.

You can take this same idea only switch out the wood tray for a ceramic one for a posh, modern candle display.

Create a Monochromatic Design

Monochromatic design involves choosing items that feature the same color. For a peaceful candle display, you can start with a white accent table and add one white candle in a white jar to the tabletop. If the table serves as a nightstand, add a white lamp. Consider adding a white tray or table cover, and items made of clear glass.

Alternatively, you can create monochromatic displays in blue, green, black, red, pink, yellow and any other color.

Pair Candles and Plants

If you’re a candle and a plant person, you can easily create an endless variety of displays when you combine them in the same display. This idea works for any table, counter or mantle display.

Decorative planters. Find several small decorative planters to use for displaying plants on a tabletop. Place easy-to-care-for plants inside each planter. Select your desired decorative jar candle or candles and place them in front of the planters.

Lush green table centerpiece. This idea is great for holidays and special occasions. Place candles on a tabletop, spacing them at intervals. Arrange a desired amount of fresh, or artificial, leaves and floral sprays in a single row on a table. You can add pinecones for an added woodsy feel.

Decorate with Three Candles

Three of the same decorative accent provides a powerful visual impact to any décor design. In this case, you can pair three of the same or similar candles together. The candles become the main focus of your display. Add additional décor items to enhance their visual effect.

Matching Colors and Theme

This décor idea is different from monochromatic in that every element doesn’t have to be the same color. However, there is either one main color, or several, and there are other table elements that feature these main colors. For instance, candle jar colors pair well with colors of bowls, plates and/or glasses. The candle also is a fantastic match for the overall décor theme.

Bring Warmth to an Entryway

Place an accent candle in the main entryway and decorate it with your desired candles. Other table accents can be photos, vases, antique collectibles, etc.

Bathroom Candles

A scented candle in the bathroom can bring a touch of elegance to the room’s décor. It can also help keep the bathroom smelling good.

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