DIY Large Wall Art :

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How To Decorate Large Walls: DIY Large Wall Art

Easily decorate large walls on a budget with this simple DIY large wall art idea

Can I just go ahead and admit that I couldn’t draw my way out of a paper bag…

I have absolutely zero artistic talent, trust me I have tried, but I do love and appreciate art.

The only problem is that large scale art can be really expensive…

But I couldn’t afford big beautiful canvas pieces when we first started decorating our home and I still can’t.

So I have to get creative when it comes to decorating large walls in our home.

How to Decorate Large Walls

large art diy
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The first time I needed to decorate the large dining room wall I DIY-ed this really beautiful un-framed canvas out of a shower curtain.

(My newest version is a framed canvas that I will show you how to make below.)

It is honestly one of Adam’s most favorite projects that I have ever done, he couldn’t believe a shower curtain could look like a real painted canvas.

Check out all the best shower curtains to use as DIY canvas art here!

This floral shower curtain was less than $25 and added a luxurious feel to the dining room.

With one rooms large wall decorating problem solved, it was time to move onto the living rooms large bare wall.

How To Decorate Large Walls: DIY Large Wall Art

The living room and dining room in our home are basically connected with an open concept layout.

So I didn’t want to just add another large canvas art piece so close to the other one.

In the living room I decided to tackle decorating the large wall with DIY photo ledges to showcase our family photos.

This photo ledge method is one of my favorite ways to add a gallery wall to any space and works perfectly on a large wall.

How To Decorate Large Walls: DIY Large Wall Art

In our toddlers bedroom I added a more traditional gallery wall full of framed artwork that I think looks super cute.

I will be sharing more of my favorite ways to decorate a long boring wall at the end of the post, for now lets get to the main event!

DIY Large Framed Wall Art

Our dining room has felt a bit stuffy to me lately and while now is not the time for a complete makeover, I thought making a few simple decor swaps (starting with the art) might help.

This time I found a serene forest landscape tapestry that would work perfect for less than $20!

large art diy

Supplies for DIY Large Wall Art

  • Large Tapestry or Shower Curtain
  • (2) 1x2x8 Common Boards
  • (2) 1x2x8 Pine Boards
large art diy

Start by laying out the print and decide what size you want your canvas artwork to be.

For ours I chose 42″ x 36″ but any size will work, you may just have to buy larger pine boards.

diy wall art

Now that you have the size for the large scale artwork you want, cut down the common boards to that size.

The common boards are much cheaper than pine boards and will only be used as the canvas support frame, so they won’t ever be seen.

Creating the Support Frame and Canvas Frame

Attach the canvas support frame pieces together using adhesive and finishing nails.

diy wall art

Now that the support frame is finished, measure the sides, top, and bottom, to determine what the actual frame size will be.

The actual frame that will be visible around the canvas will be cut out of the nicer pine boards.

diy wall art

For these frame pieces I also used bevel cuts instead of simple butt joints, but either method works fine.

If you choose to do bevel cuts you will need to set your miter saw at 45 degrees.

diy wall art

Just to be sure I cut the frame pieces correctly, I dry fitted them around the canvas support frame.

Once I was sure the fit would work, I sanded the frame with 220 grit sandpaper so that it was nice and smooth.

diy large wall art

Next, I applied two coats of Early American stain to all four sides of each piece.

This is one of my favorite stains because the color is rich without being too bold.

Assembling the Canvas

While the stain was drying I started working on the actual canvas art part.

diy large wall art

If your tapestry is anything like mine it will have lots of creases that need to be steamed or ironed out.

After the art tapestry is nice and crisp lay it face down on a large and clean working surface.

Next, lay the support frame on top of the art tapestry.

Instead of cutting the tapestry down, I simply folded in the edges like I was wrapping a present.

diy large wall art

With the edges folded, secure the art around the frame with a staple gun.

Be sure the fabric is held taught as you staple it to the frame or it will look saggy.

Attaching the Frame Pieces

Finally it’s time to attach the stained frame pieces around the canvas!

diy large wall art

This part is super simple, lay the frame pieces around the canvas and attach them together with adhesive and finishing nails.

diy large wall art

After everything was attached I rubbed a little clear finishing wax onto the frame.

The finishing wax really enhances the rich stain color and will make it easier to dust later.

Large DIY Artwork Reveal

It is amazing how just swapping out the wall art can completely change the style of a room!

This forest tapestry brightened up the space and added a serene feeling to the dining room.

How to decorate large walls

Whenever I think a space is feeling stuffy I bring in a little nature with greenery, landscape prints, or decorative pieces with earthy tones and it immediately helps the room “breathe”.

This entire dining room will be getting another makeover in the near-ish future but for now this new diy large wall art will hold me over.

How to decorate large walls

The best part about this diy wall art is that you can use any style print you want to add instant character to a large boring wall.

Large DIY framed artwork can be super budget friendly to make and it makes decorating a large wall easy.

Cost Breakdown for DIY Large Wall Art:

  • Tapestry $17
  • (2) Common Boards $8.46
  • (2) Pine Boards $15.36
  • Leftover Early American Stain $0

Total Cost: $40.82

I would say DIY large wall art for less than $50 is a big win!

How to decorate large walls

Here are some more of my favorite budget wall decor ideas for large walls:

Let me know what you think of our new DIY framed wall art and what other areas you want help decorating!

How To Decorate Large Walls: DIY Large Wall Art

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