DIY Wood House Candle Holders :

DIY Wood House Candle Holders

Make these easy DIY wooden house candle holders, perfect decor for any season or holiday

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Does anyone else feel like once you put all your Christmas decor away the house feels…sad?

Sad is never a feeling I want our house to have so I started thinking about how I wanted to decorate it for after Christmas.

Some Christmas decor can remain up all winter if it can be made more neutral.

Like taking the red stems out of the greenery but leaving the actual greenery.

Make these easy DIY wooden house candle holders, perfect decor for any season or holiday

We have a lot of candles out during Christmas too because there is nothing more cozy than the warm glow of candlelight.

I really want to keep the cozy candle vibes but create a more neutral candle holder.

Something that could be used all winter and for other seasons.

So I went hunting for the perfect wooden candle holders and stumbled upon these house candle holders from Etsy.

They are super cute and can be used for every season!

They are a bit expensive though, especially after shipping costs…

So I thought I would grab a few of my favorite WORKPRO® Tools and some scrap wood so that I could DIY my own version for much less.

How to Make DIY Wood House Candle Holders


Wood Candle Holder Sizing

Wood Candle Holder Sizing

For these wood house candle holders I cut my pieces in multiple sizes.

The smallest house is 4″ and the tallest house is 10″.

I used a compact cordless circular saw to cut the pieces of scrap wood down to the different sizes.

Wood Candle Holder Sizing

To begin with just make straight cuts, the house angles will be cut after the hole is drilled.

After all the pieces are cut down it’s time to drill the 1″ hole.

Wood Candle Holder Sizing

Using a vise is the safest and easiest way to hold the wood while drilling, but you could also use clamps and clamp the wood to a worktable.

Use the 1″ spade drill bit to drill a place for the copper piece and candle to go, be sure to drill down deep enough for the angle cuts also.

Wood Candle Holder Sizing

I drilled some of my holes in the center and some on the sides to change things up.

Cutting the House Candle Holder Angles

After the holes are drilled the house angles can be cut.

Cutting the House Candle Holder Angles

It’s better to drill the holes first because drilling into angles might make your hole off center and crooked.

I used the circular saw to make 45 degree cuts for the roof of the houses.

For some of the houses I created a tall steep and others I left a flatter middle.

Finishing the Wood Candle Holders

Now that all the cuts are made it’s time to finish the wooden candle holders.

Finishing the Wood Candle Holders

Start by sanding the houses down with 220 grit sandpaper.

Once they are smooth you can move onto painting or staining the candle holders.

Finishing the Wood Candle Holders

I chose to use a bunch of muted color tones on our houses so that they could work for any season!

Painting them black and white or choosing a rich stain would also look amazing.

Finishing the Wood Candle Holders

After the paint dried I applied a clear decorative wax to finish the candle holders.

Finishing the Wood Candle Holders

Finally it’s time to insert the copper pieces into the hole, mine slipped in easily and didn’t have a lot of wiggle room.

If your copper pieces feel loose in the holes you could add adhesive to the outside of the copper piece before inserting it.

DIY Wooden Candle Holder Reveal

Are these not the cutest and easiest diy wooden candle holders ever!

DIY Wood House Candle Holders

They are the perfect transitional decor piece and these candle holders can fit every season.

Changing the candlestick colors and shapes would be an easy way to switch up these candle holders for the different holidays too.

DIY Wood House Candle Holders

I am so glad I decided to give DIY-ing these house candle holders a try, it was the perfect way to utilize my scrap wood.

The only money I spent making these wooden candle holders was the cost of the 3/4″ copper pieces which were less than $3 a piece.

DIY Wood House Candle Holders

Next year I might make even more and set them up as a candle advent during Christmas time.

These wood candle holders would also make the cutest housewarming gifts!

DIY Wood House Candle Holders

Now my house can stay cozy all winter long and all I needed was some scrap wood and a few of my favorite  WORKPRO Tools to make it happen! 

Let me know if you like the colors I choose for these candle holders and which color or stain you would go with.

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