Easy Beginner Cutting Board DIY: Pumpkin Cutting Board :

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Easy Beginner Cutting Board DIY: Pumpkin Cutting Board

Make this easy DIY wood pumpkin cutting board, perfect for kitchen fall decor or as a Thanksgiving hostess gift

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Pumpkins are a staple in our home from September through November, and at the end of the season it still makes me sad to put them away…

I love all the different kinds of pumpkin decor, real pumpkins, faux pumpkins, and especially the wooden pumpkins!

Lately I have been seeing wood cutting boards in the shape of pumpkins and they are so cute, but also kind of expensive…

But I really wanted one and I thought a pumpkin cutting board would also make the perfect Thanksgiving hostess gift.

So I grabbed a few of my favorite WORKPRO® Tools and decided to make a super simple DIY version.

How to Make a Cutting Board

Easy Beginner Cutting Board DIY: Pumpkin Cutting Board

Cutting Board Making Supplies:

Choosing the Right Cutting Board Wood

When you are choosing the type of wood to use for your cutting board consider the “actual” use you are going for.

If your plan is to use it for some serious chopping, choose acacia, maple, cherry, and beech woods.

If you plan on using it more for display purposes (that’s me) most types of wood will be fine except for MDF.

Wood with small, tight grains are usually best, but if you aren’t going all Master Chef on this cutting board, you can choose a cheaper wood.

Cutting Board Designs

Easy Beginner Cutting Board DIY: Pumpkin Cutting Board

Obviously for this cutting board project we are going with a pumpkin design, but you can use this method for any shape you want.

I started by using a container lid to trace a circle onto the wood board.

Next, I added a simple little stem to the pumpkin design.

Easy Beginner Cutting Board DIY: Pumpkin Cutting Board

Once the design is traced onto the board use a jigsaw to cut it out.

This jigsaw cut through the wood smoothly and I was able to cut out a pretty round pumpkin shape.

Next I sanded the wood cutting board with 120 then 220 grit sandpaper.

Choosing the Right Cutting Board Wood

Cutting Board Engraving Ideas

This is the fun part, engraving the cutting board.

Cutting Board Designs

I used my new rotary tool to engrave ribs into the pumpkin to give it some dimension and detail.

If you are using this cutting board as a hostess gift you could also use the rotary tool to engrave their initials or last name onto the cutting board.

I made a couple of passes through the pumpkin until I got the depth of rib I wanted.

They aren’t perfect, which I think looks better than if they were.

This pumpkin cutting board is already looking so cute!

After the vanes were done I stained the cutting board with Cognac stain.

Cutting Board Designs

I applied two coats total and really like the burnt red look of this stain color.

Cutting Board Storage Ideas

Whenever I make a new piece for our kitchen I always consider how I want to store it.

Kitchens never really have enough storage do they…

I keep a wicker basket on our kitchen countertop with our everyday wooden cutting boards.

This makes it easy to grab one to use and also doubles as kitchen decor.

Cutting Board Designs

For this pumpkin cutting board though, I really wanted to display it, like I did with our DIY long charcuterie board.

So I drilled a hole in the stem for twine to go through for hanging later.

Remember to always start with a small drill bit, then work up to the larger drill bit size you want to use.

This is the best way to ensure the board doesn’t crack or splinter.

How to Seal a Cutting Board

Finally it’s time to seal the wood cutting board.

How to Seal a Cutting Board

Sealing the cutting board with oil will help to protect it, it’s best to use a food-grade mineral oil or butcher block wood oil.

Apply a large amount of oil onto the wood cutting board and rub it in with a clean cloth.

A good rule of thumb is to keep applying coats until the cutting board stops absorbing the oil.

Easy Beginner Cutting Board DIY Reveal

Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

How cute is this wood pumpkin cutting board!

I absolutely love the shape and how much character the engraved pumpkin ribs add.

This pumpkin cutting board paired with a patterned kitchen towel would make amazing Thanksgiving hostess gifts too.

Cutting Board Storage Ideas

I really enjoy giving homemade gifts to friends, teachers, and even our mail person during the holidays.

This cutting board is perfect because it can be personalized and paired with so many things!

The best part is that it is budget friendly to make and only requires a few WORKPRO Tools.

Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

If you are looking for more Thanksgiving hostess gifts, here are some other items you could pair the DIY cutting board with:

  • Kitchen towel and bottle of wine
  • Cookbook and wooden spoons
  • Dessert cookbook and measuring cups
  • Box of party crackers and fancy cheese
  • Kitchen towel and French bread loaf

Throw in a sprig of greenery and tie it all together with some pretty ribbon for a curated look.

Those are just a few of my favorite hostess and teacher gift idea combinations.

Let me know what you think of this easy DIY cutting board and what some of your favorite homemade gift ideas are.

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