Easy Home Improvement Projects for Less Than $150 :

Easy Home Improvement Projects for Less Than $150

These easy DIY home projects are budget friendly and can be completed in a weekend

If you have been following along with us for any time at all, you know home improvement projects are kind of my jam.

I love tackling DIY projects that create a space we love and also add value to our home.

What I don’t love is how expensive they can be…

Luckily there are a ton of home improvement projects that can be completed on a shoestring budget.

Today I thought I would share some of my favorite DIY home improvement projects that cost less than $150 to complete.

Easy Home Improvement Projects

If you follow our Facebook page you know the kitchen is a room most people really want to redo, but that can get pricey.

There are smaller projects you can do in the kitchen though that make a big difference without having to spend a fortune.

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11 Kitchen Home Improvement Projects for $150 or Less

1. Update Cabinet Hardware

Easy Home Improvement Projects for Less Than $150

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on new cabinets, try just updating the cabinet hardware.

The right cabinet hardware can make a huge difference in the style of the kitchen.

Mixing and matching hardware is a great way to create a custom looking kitchen.

You can choose to update the existing hardware with a fresh coat of paint, changing its color and finish.

Another great option is to find budget friendly cabinet hardware on Amazon or in the clearance section of Lowes or Home Depot.

I updated this IKEA cabinet’s hardware with these beautiful Pottery Barn inspired brass knobs that were super budget friendly from Amazon.

2. Painting Window Frames

Easy Home Improvement Projects for Less Than $150

One of my most favorite projects in our kitchen renovation is our painted window frames.

Painting the window frames black really made the window pop and look larger.

This is a super simple DIY that you can complete with just a little paint!

Check out the full window frame painting tutorial here!

3. Adding Thrifted Cabinets

small kitchen renovation ideas

If you are searching for a way to add more cabinets to your kitchen but don’t have the budget for store bought ones this is the trick for you.

Search thrift stores and Facebook Marketplace for cabinets to refinish and add to your kitchen.

We found this cabinet at a flea market and knew underneath the layers of dark paint was a hidden gem perfect for our kitchen.

I used this method for achieving the perfect natural wood finish and it brought so much warmth to our kitchen.

4. Floating Shelves

small kitchen renovation ideas

Adding floating shelves to your kitchen is another budget friendly way to add storage to your space.

They can be simple to install and brackets can be found for pretty cheap online.

The best part is you can customize the wood to match your kitchen’s theme or use this faux marble method for a high end look.

5. Upgrade your Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands can be really expensive to replace.

Try something like this simple DIY kitchen island makeover to save money and give it a whole new look.

6. Stenciled Kitchen Backsplash

small kitchen renovation ideas

Backsplashes aren’t the cheapest thing in the world…

Even the DIY shiplap backsplash in our kitchen cost us a couple hundred dollars to complete the entire space.

If you are wanting a new backsplash but don’t want to spend a ton of money, using a fun stencil is a great way to give it a fresh look.

The best part is you can always paint or cover it later if you decide to go a different route.

Just make sure to not make these stencil backsplash mistakes like we did our first time…

7. Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Another great way to update your kitchen on a budget is by painting your existing kitchen cabinets.

This is not the quickest process but it is a great way to completely update your kitchen for cheap.

Just remember to use a quality primer and paint.

8. Swap Out the Faucet

small kitchen renovation ideas

Swapping out your outdated kitchen faucet is another great home improvement project that is quick and budget friendly.

You can find some beautiful budget options online and in the clearance aisles, just be sure to check reviews.

Our brass kitchen faucet came from Amazon and cost less than $70!

9. New Kitchen Light Fixtures

The right light can make all the difference in a space.

Swapping out or even painting your current kitchen pendants or wall lights is a great way to give the kitchen a whole new look.

I like to use this guide when choosing the right number and size pendants for above our kitchen island.

Here are some of my favorite kitchen wall lights, perfect for over the sink area.

10. Update Kitchen Island Barstools

Truthfully this home improvement project is still on my to do list…

Updating the style or color of your barstools is an easy way to give it a fresh look for not a lot of money.

You can check out some budget kitchen island barstools here or simply sand and repaint/stain your current ones.

11. Paint the Countertops

small kitchen renovation ideas

Installing new stone or wood countertops doesn’t really fall into the budget friendly home improvement project section…

Painting them though is a great option to achieve a new look for the kitchen. I used this faux wood grain countertop painting method on my parent’s kitchen two years ago and it still looks like the day I did it!

Budget Home Improvement Projects for the Living Room

We spend the most time in our living room so it’s important that this space really works for our style and needs.

Here are some simple home improvement projects you can complete without spending a fortune.

1. Utilize Slipcovers

small living room designs

Living room furniture can be a bit pricey and definitely eat up a home improvement budget quickly.

If you want an updated look for your living room furniture without buying brand new pieces add a slipcover instead!

Slipcovers are great for bringing in color or pattern to your space. Plus they make washing the couch 100% easier.

2. Makeover the Coffee Table

I have a love/hate relationship with our current coffee table. It is definitely now more love than hate after I sanded it down and repainted it with this faux wood paint technique.

If you too want a different look for your coffee table try painting or staining it. Both those options can be done for really cheap and pretty quickly.

Maybe all it needs are some decorative wood appliqués added to it to change the look.

If your coffee table is a complete lost cause, Facebook Marketplace is a great option for finding one on a budget.

3. High End Looking Curtains

Curtains are one of the first things I add when decorating a space.

They can completely change the look of the room and add color and pattern.

The best part is they don’t have to be expensive to look expensive.

Here are my favorite high end looking curtain finds!

Another factor to consider when hanging new curtains is making sure they are the right length for the ceiling height. Here’s the best curtain hanging guide!

If you are looking to get new curtain rods and brackets but don’t want to spend a ton of money here is a diy wood option that looks great.

4. Add a Gallery Wall

small living room designs

Gallery walls are one of my favorite ways to display our family photos or artwork.

Find frames at thrift stores and garage sales to make this home improvement project extra budget friendly.

We also have a bunch of FREE printable art in our VIP Gallery for you to use!

5. Paint the Room + Trim

Paint is my number one go to when updating any space because it’s easy and one of the cheapest ways to change a room.

If you don’t want to paint the entire room, paint one accent wall or choose a bold trim paint color instead.

6. DIY Picture Frame Moulding

small living room designs

Picture frame moulding is a simple and budget DIY project that can be added to any space.

If you are on a tight budget stick to doing one accent wall instead of the whole room.

Here is the simple tutorial we used to add picture frame moulding to our office.

7. Paint the Fireplace

Instead of demoing the fireplace try painting the brick or stone instead.

8. Update the Fireplace Mantel

small living room designs

Sometimes you don’t need a complete fireplace makeover, just a mantel update!

There are so many budget friendly ways to update a fireplace mantel, from painting, staining, or covering it.

Covering an existing mantel with wood boards is a budget way to get a more modern look without any demo.

DIY Home Improvement Projects for the Bedroom

The bedroom is very similar to the living room in the fact that replacing the furniture can be expensive. There are some other changes you can make though to create a fresh feeling space for cheap.

1. Paint the Walls or Create an Accent Wall

Again never underestimate the power of a can of paint. Don’t forget to scope out the oops paint section of the hardware store for an even better deal.

2. Update the Bedding and Pillows

bedroom makeover ideas

Swapping bedding and pillows is a wonderful way to add color, texture, and pattern to the bedroom. Here are some of my favorite luxury feeling bedding finds that are actually really budget friendly.

3. Install New Curtains or Blinds

bedroom makeover ideas

Quality curtains and blinds are especially important in the bedroom. I always opt for blackout curtains because they are thicker and they come in handy during the whole daylight savings time change.

4. Add a Stylish Area Rug

Simply adding an area rug can make the bedroom feel updated and also add warmth and texture.

5. Install New Light Fixtures

bedroom makeover ideas

The right lighting can be a game changer in any room. One budget friendly way to add accent lighting to a space is to go with a plug-in sconce option. This is a great way to add extra light without having to pay an electrician.

6. Create a DIY headboard

A DIY headboard is a fun way to get a new look without having to spend a ton of money on brand new bedroom furniture. Try using inexpensive materials like fabric or reclaimed wood to keep costs down.

7. Install Floating Shelves or Wall-Mounted Organizers

Installing floating shelves or wall-mounted organizers is a trick I use to make a space feel bigger also. They can be budget friendly to buy or build and add storage and display space.

8. Update the Hardware

Instead of buying brand new furniture simply update the dresser, nightstand, or even closet doors hardware.

9. Install Paintable Outlet Covers

bedroom makeover ideas

While we were working on Eli’s bunkbed/playroom I found these paintable outlet covers. They blend in so much better with the beadboard and they were such a quick and easy swap to make.

Budget Friendly Dining Room Home Improvement Projects

Updating our dining room is definitely on our list this year. We did give it a makeover when we first moved into the house, but it still doesn’t feel quite right.

Here are some modern dining room ideas you can use to update your dining room on a budget.

1. Paint the Walls or Create an Accent Wall

Again paint is king when it comes to budget friendly home improvement. Also adding chair railing in the dining room is a wonderful way to add character and can be done for pretty cheap.

2. Update the Dining Table

Modern dining room ideas

I am still in deep love with the painted faux wood grain look I created on our breakfast nook table, and will be doing something similar to our dining room table.

3. Replace or Reupholster Dining Chairs

Modern dining room ideas

There are so many ways to change the look of existing dining chairs. You can reupholster them, add a slipcover, or even paint the fabric like I did in our last house.

4. Install New Light Fixtures

Swapping out your dining room chandelier can update the style and create the right ambiance for your space. Here are some of my favorite budget dining room light fixtures!

5. Incorporate a Statement Mirror or Artwork

Modern dining room ideas

Adding a statement mirror or large artwork is an easy way to create a focal point in the dining room. Large artwork doesn’t have to be expensive either, I made our last one out of a shower curtain!

Check out our latest DIY large wall art tutorial here

6. Add Window Trim

This is hands down my favorite DIY project ever. Adding fancy looking window trim is a beginner and budget friendly home improvement project.

It’s amazing what adding a few pieces of wood can do to make the window look and feel larger.

Easy Home Improvement Ideas to Update a Bathroom

Bathroom renovations can cost thousands of dollars, but there are other ways to update a bathroom without doing a complete renovation. During our $100 bathroom makeover we implemented quite a few of these ideas.

1. Replace Outdated Bathroom Fixtures

Replacing outdated bathroom fixtures such as faucets, shower heads, or towel bars is an easy way to update the bathroom.

2. Install a New Toilet Seat

Bathroom home improvement

Nobody likes a dingy toilet seat. Replace it with a new one for cheap, really treat yourself and add a bidet attachment too. This bidet attachment is very budget friendly with great reviews.

3. Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders in a bathroom.

4. Install a New Shower Curtain

Nothing freshens up a bathroom like a new shower curtain. You can even update the shower curtain rod with a little spray paint.

5. Add New Shelving or Storage Solutions

Bathroom home improvement

Reduce clutter by installing shelving or wall storage in the bathroom. Having a clean and organized space will help it feel updated. We used this faux marble peel and stick tutorial to add a stylish element to our last bathroom.

6. Upgrade the Light Fixtures

Swap outdated light fixtures for ones that match the design you are trying to achieve. If the current light fixtures style works for your space but the finish doesn’t, simply grab a can of spray paint and get to work. You can also replace the glass domes for ones that match your style.

7. Install a New Mirror or Frame the Existing One

Bathroom home improvement

Replacing a frameless builder grade mirror is a simple way to update a bathroom. If removing the mirror is too big of a task, frame it in to give it a more modern look. Framing this mirror was so simple with the peel and stick pieces.

8. Replace Old or Worn-Out Bathroom Hardware

Replacing old bathroom hardware is another home improvement project that is super budget friendly and only takes a few hours. Replace hardware such as towel hooks, toilet paper holders, or soap dispensers for an updated look.

9. Paint the Vanity

Is there anything paint can’t do! Paint an outdated vanity with high quality paint to give it a completely new look. You can also add peel and stick wallpaper to the cabinet door fronts to add texture to the vanity.

10. Paint the Bathroom Tile

Bathroom home improvement

Old and outdated tiles can be updated with paint too! We painted the tile in our half bathroom makeover and added a fun diamond design (we ended up having to rip it up later for an install issue the previous owner made though).

Easy Home Improvement Projects for Less Than $150

Here are some other budget home improvement ideas you could implement in any space:

  1. Paint Interior Doors
  2. Use Peel & Stick Wallpaper to Update Furniture
  3. Update Door Hardware
  4. Paint a Faux Wood Exterior Door
  5. Paint the Ceiling a Pop of Color
  6. Replace Outdated Air Registers/Vents
  7. Replace Outdated Switch/Plug Covers
  8. Install USB Outlets
  9. Add Ceiling Medallions to Light Fixtures
  10. Replace Lightbulbs with High Efficiency Ones
easy home improvement projects

Those are just a few of my favorite DIY budget friendly home improvement project ideas. The best part is most of these can be completed in a weekend!

You don’t need to spend a fortune updating your home, small updates can still make a big difference. My main tip is to take your time. Create a home improvement budget and make updates when you can.

Home wasn’t built in a day, just enjoy the process!

Let me know if I missed any budget home improvement ideas you love.

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