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Times are tough, and as a leading provider of flower delivery in Manhattan, we’re experiencing that firsthand as we close down our business to help protect our families and our community. But something that we’ve learned from more than 70 years in the floral industry is that bad times do get better and flowers are always a welcome way to spread happiness and cheer when they do.

When this challenging time is finally over, we’ll be back as the NYC flower delivery service that you trust to deliver brightness around the city. From get well flower arrangements for those in recovery to “thinking of you” blooms just because our designers are eager to get back to work helping you bring a smile to the people who you love.

In a time of change, it helps to focus on the things that will always remain the same. For us, that’s the special connection we get when we share flowers with others. Floral arrangements are always in style when it comes to improving someone’s day, and we’re confident that as soon as the cloud lifts over our beautiful city we’ll bloom brighter and bolder than ever.

Picking Out the Most Cheerful Flowers

All flowers have a special ability to brighten up a room, but some are just uniquely suited to providing cheer when and where it’s most needed. When you’re looking for flowers that are sure to incite a smile, consider one of these cheerful types.

Hibiscus. Hibiscus flowers are a trumpet-shaped bloom that come in a wide variety of bright colors. And on top of being oh-so-pretty to look at, they’ve also been proven to lower blood pressure and improve mood, which can come in handy when someone is feeling stressed out. 

Tulips. Nothing says spring like tulips. These blooms are often one of the first to emerge from the soil as the earth comes back to life, in turn signifying rebirth, a fresh start, and a transition to something better. 

Roses. There’s a reason that roses have become synonymous with telling someone you care. A gorgeous rose (or 12!) promotes peacefulness and serenity, and they always top the list of fan favorites. 

When it comes time again to send flowers, New York knows that Scott’s Flowers NYC will be ready to help spread the joy. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy, and remember that we’re all in this together.


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