Gingerbread House Stocking Holder Ideas :

Gingerbread House Stocking Holder Ideas

Looking for DIY Christmas decorations that cost less than $5 to make, these gingerbread house stocking holders are the perfect Christmas mantle project

There is something so sweet and whimsical about gingerbread houses isn’t there?

They are one of my favorite Christmas decorations for the kitchen.

This year I thought the gingerbread houses should be sprinkled around the house though in other rooms, specifically the mantel.

I had been trying to figure out a cute Christmas stocking holder for our mantle, when I stumbled across these gingerbread houses from Pottery Barn.

They are so pretty and fun but the price tag was a little out of my budget for this year…

Christmas decorations can be so expensive, especially when you need one for each person.

So I decided to pull out some pieces from my scrap wood pile and make my own DIY gingerbread house stocking holders!

These diy Christmas decorations are really simple to make and the perfect beginner project.

Gingerbread House Stocking Holder

Gingerbread House Stocking Holder


  • Scrap 2×4 Pieces
  • Scrap 2×3 Pieces
  • 3-1/2″ Shaker Pegs
  • Adhesive
  • White Paint Marker

Making the Gingerbread House

For this diy Christmas decorations project I am using some random 2×4 pieces out of the scrap wood bin.

Making the Gingerbread House

If you don’t have a scrap wood bin, a 2x4x6 board will be all you need!

Start by deciding how tall you want the gingerbread houses to be.

I went with two sizes, one set about 6″ tall and one set about 8″ tall.

Making the Gingerbread House

Cut the 2×4 down to the sizes you chose, then use a square to mark roof lines at the top.

I didn’t do any complicated math to figure out the angles, just marked the center of the board and drew two angled lines to meet that mark.

Next, use a saw set at 45 degrees to make the cuts.

Making the Gingerbread House

For our Christmas mantel we need five stocking holders, which is a big reason I wanted to DIY my own.

Making the Gingerbread House

After the cuts are make sand the gingerbread houses until they are smooth, then paint with a brown color of your choice.

Stocking Holder Stand

While the gingerbread houses dry, make the stocking holder stand.

I had a bunch of scrap 2×3 pieces so that is what I used for our bases but you could use 2×4 pieces.

Stocking Holder Stand

Cut the bases 5″ long, this will leave 1/2″ on each side of the gingerbread house once they are assembled.

Sand and paint the bases the same color as the gingerbread houses.

Once the bases are dry mark the center of the 2″ side, this is where the shaker peg will be inserted.

Stocking Holder Stand

Drill a hole on the mark, remember to start with a smaller bit working up to the 1/2″ drill bit.

After you give the hole a light sanding to remove any roughness, apply adhesive and insert the shaker peg.

Stocking Holder Stand

Paint the peg and touch up any paint necessary on the stocking holder base.

Painting the Gingerbread House

While the stocking holder bases are drying, paint the details on the gingerbread houses.

Painting the Gingerbread House

For the gingerbread house details use a white paint marker and just get creative.

The best part of drawing the gingerbread houses is that you really cant go wrong with the design, everything looks cute and whimsical.

Assembling the Gingerbread Houses and Bases

Assembling the Gingerbread Houses and Bases

After everything is dry attach the gingerbread houses to the bases using wood screws from the bottom of the base.

Center the gingerbread house on the base and clamp down both pieces while you attach them together with the screws.

After the gingerbread house is attached to the base paint the peg and make any touch ups necessary.

Gingerbread House Stocking Holder Reveal

Gingerbread House Stocking Holder Ideas

These DIY stocking holders turned out so cute and I love how whimsical and sweet they all look.

The best part is I was able to make them for practically nothing.

Gingerbread House Stocking Holder Ideas

These gingerbread stocking holders are the perfect addition to our Christmas mantel and I think they would also be really cute in the kitchen to hang dish towels from!

Gingerbread House Stocking Holder Ideas

Let me know what you think of these diy stocking holders and the gingerbread theme.

If you don’t feel like DIY-ing your own stocking holders here are some of my favorites:

Gingerbread House Stocking Holder Ideas

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