How to create a Home Office

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Working from the couch or kitchen table may have been the easiest way to adapt to the rapid changes during the pandemic. But now that it’s become more of a permanent affair, many WFH professionals are seeking ways to change that.

 Embrace Vertical Storage for a Small Space Design

Vertical storage solutions are ideal and practical for a small space design that has limited floor space. Floating shelves and slender bookcases are excellent ways to utilize more space while also drawing the eye upward to expand the visual area, making it appear more spacious. Having a wall unit with a pull-out desk or using a wider shelf as a workstation, are smart alternatives to create a compact home office. As an interior designer gearing up to remodel a home office, 3D floor planners like HomeByMe can help you create tailor-made vertical storage for your clients. Packed with features and powerful 3D imagery, it can be used to develop diverse vertical designs in detail using real products and materials

Use Fresh and Natural Color Palettes

Different colors can stimulate various moods and emotions, which is why it’s important to be selective with the colors used in the home office. Colors that have proven to elicit the most positive psychological responses are natural hues that are light and fresh or deep and grounding. To add a little more drama to the space, lean into navy blues and earthy greens.

Embrace Smart Storage Solutions

Smart storage solutions are essential to keep everything neatly contained, attractive, and out of sight. Think about pragmatic options that will allow items to be easily tucked away – equipment, files, and any other non-essentials – at the end of each day. Keep the aesthetics in mind if certain items will be on display. Wall units or block bookshelves with baskets are great examples of versatile storage solutions that can double up as attractive decor.

Add Greenery for Vibrancy and Tranquility

Plants not only add color and vibrancy to a room, but they can also help to relieve stress, improve concentration, and purify the air to keep it fresh. Even if there is minimal space or low light, there are plenty of species that are low-maintenance and easy to keep alive. Snake Plants, Weeping Figs, and Golden Pothos are great choices to place around the home office, even for those without a green thumb.

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