How to Install an Electrical Outlet in a Drawer :

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How to Install an Electrical Outlet in a Drawer

Install an electrical outlet into any drawer and keep the cord clutter at bay with this easy tutorial

Anyone else feel like they are in constant cord clutter?

I feel like cords are taking over every surface of our home and the worst part is I can never find the one I need when I need it!

I know this is a small problem in the grand scheme of life but honestly it’s these small organization projects that make my day to day life feel more manageable so…

In case you are in the same cord chaos boat I thought I would share this super simple method for installing an electrical outlet in any drawer.

This entire DIY project took about an hour and it has already made such a difference in our home!

Hiding Home Eyesores

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Hiding the eyesores in our home is almost like a game to me.

There will always be not so pretty things that need to be readily available, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily need to see them all.

how to hide home eyesores

Sometimes I can hide eyesores and add decor at the same time!

I love using these cute woven boxes to hide all the remotes and it also helps keep them organized.

This cube storage unit got a $20 makeover and is now the perfect spot for hiding all of Eli’s toys when he’s not playing with them.

how to hide home eyesores

Large wicker baskets are also great for toy hiding if you don’t have the space for another piece of furniture.

When I installed these plug-in sconces in our breakfast nook, these cord covers concealed the cords perfectly.

plug in sconce cord covers

Cord covers work really great for hiding tv cords too, plus these cord covers are paintable!

Installing an In Drawer Outlet

The main area of our home that gets overtaken by cords is our office.

I have cords for charging the laptop, camera accessories, phone, and a separate camera battery charger.

Installing an In Drawer Outlet

They are always strewn about and get dragged into different rooms so I can never find them when I need them.

So I figured the office would be the perfect spot to install our first in drawer electrical outlet.

It will also be really nice to store all the electronics in the drawer and be charging them at the same time.


Start by deciding which drawer or drawers you want to install an electrical outlet in.

Some of my favorite spots are in kitchen junk drawer, bathroom drawers, and office drawers.

It’s easiest to choose a drawer that is already in close proximity to an existing outlet.

(Here is a video on how to run power to a drawer if there isn’t an outlet close enough to use)

Once you have the drawer chosen empty and remove it from the cabinet.

Cutting Out Electrical Outlet

There are a couple of different ways you can add an electrical outlet to a drawer.

The easiest method is to remove the back of the drawer and create a cutout in that piece.

Docking Drawer Electrical Outlet

Use a template to trace the cutout space onto the back of the drawer.

in drawer outlet

Next, use a 1/2″ drill bit to drill a hole in each of the four corners of the traced outline.

After the holes are drilled, insert the jigsaw and cut out the outline.

in drawer outlet

Reinstalling the Back of the Drawer

This next step depends on how your drawers are made.

When we built these office drawers, we built them to almost the entire depth of the cabinet.

in drawer outlet

So there is no space behind the drawer when it is fully closed.

If this is the case for your drawer also, you will need to inset the back of the drawer to make room for the electrical outlet box (and arm if it has one).

in drawer outlet

This part was super easy though, I simply reattached the back of the drawer 2″ inside the drawer.

That gave the outlet and the swing arm plenty of room with the drawer completely closed.

Installing the Electrical Outlet into the Drawer

Now that the back of the drawer is reinstalled, install the Docking Drawer electrical outlet directly into the slot.

Docking Drawer Electrical Outlet

I secured it with the screws that came with our Docking Drawer outlet.

The type of drawer outlet I chose uses a swing arm to keep the electrical cord intact.

in drawer outlet

This swing arm was leveled and mounted onto the wall behind the drawer.

How to Install an Electrical Outlet in a Drawer

After the drawer was reinserted and everything was mounted, I attached the electrical outlet faceplate.

In Drawer Outlet Reveal

That’s it, our docking drawer electrical outlet is officially installed and now the office is cord clutter free!

How to Install an Electrical Outlet in a Drawer

It is super handy to be able to charge all of our electronics in the same drawer they are kept in.

Having the cords and batteries hidden also makes the space look much more organized and clutter free.

How to Install an Electrical Outlet in a Drawer

My plan is to implement at least one of these in drawer electrical outlets into each room to help cut down on the cord clutter.

These simple DIY organization projects are my favorite because they are quick to complete and make a noticeable difference in our daily routine!

How to Install an Electrical Outlet in a Drawer

Let me know what you think of our in drawer electrical outlet and where you would want to install one.

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