How to Make a DIY Charcuterie Board :

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How to Make a DIY Charcuterie Board

Make this easy and cheap charcuterie board in just one day with just one board

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Let’s put the word “charcuterie” on the list of words I will always have to think about how to say, before I actually say it…

Regardless of how many times I pronounce it wrong, I love a good charcuterie board spread!

They make outdoor parties, holidays, and family gatherings feel extra fun.

The only problem is I can never find a board that is long enough to really fit the table well.

So I decided to grab a board and a few of my favorite WORKPRO Tools so that I could build the perfect charcuterie board!

This project was super simple and can be customized to whatever size works for you, plus it only uses one board.

Woodworking Charcuterie Board


-1x8x6 Pine Board

-Twine (optional)


-Food Safe Wood Oil


-Measuring Tape

-WORKPRO® 20V Pink Cordless Drill

-WORKPRO® Jigsaw


WORKPRO® 1.6 Amp Electric Detail Sander

How to Make a DIY Charcuterie Board

Woodworking Charcuterie Board

Start by cutting your pine board down to size, for mine I went with about 48″.

You can make your board as long as you want, 48″ just seemed like a manageable size to me.

Woodworking Charcuterie Board

Next I traced the handle of a cutting board I already had onto the board.

This seemed like the simplest method to get the shape I wanted and y’all know I’m a fan of doing things the easy way.

Woodworking Charcuterie Board

Once I had it traced onto the board, I used my jigsaw to cut out the shape.

Use a fine blade for cutting out shapes and curves, the cut is much smoother.

Woodworking Charcuterie Board

After I had the handle shape I wanted, I sanded the entire board with 120/220 grit sandpaper.

Pro Tip: Lightly draw a squiggle line on the entire board, this will help you to sand the entire board evenly.

Woodworking Charcuterie Board

Once the board was sanded smooth I picked out my stain and got to work.

I went with a light white washed look for this board, but I might go back and stain the reverse side darker so that I can have both looks!

Charcuterie Board Woodworking

I applied a few layers of Pickled Oak and White Wash with a brush, wiping with a clean cloth as I went.

Charcuterie Board Woodworking

Once the stain was dry I decided to drill a small hole for twine on the handle of the charcuterie board.

I think it will look great hanging on the side of our tall kitchen cabinet, decor + storage in one!

Make sure to start with a smaller bit and drill a pilot hole to avoid any cracking.

Charcuterie Board Woodworking

Finally I finished off the charcuterie board with food safe oil.

Follow the directions for application, mine required 2-3 coats and needed to dry overnight.

DIY Charcuterie Board Reveal

How to Make a DIY Charcuterie Board

I don’t think I have ever had a project go so smoothly!

This charcuterie board was so simple and cheap to make, no real woodworking skills required.

I definitely think I want to try the darker stain on the other side, what do you think?

Charcuterie Board Centerpieces

How to Make a DIY Charcuterie Board

As soon as this Alabama weather started getting nice I had dreams of a small outdoor garden party.

It was the perfect time to break in our new charcuterie board!

I set up a sweet little outdoor tablescape with fruit, mini pies, and drinks.

How to Make a DIY Charcuterie Board

For a special touch I got real Martha Stewart esque and cut some flowers from our garden for the place settings.

How to Make a DIY Charcuterie Board

These garden tools are so cute and added a little extra something to the centerpiece!

Can you believe those moss napkin holders are still holding up?

I made those a couple of years ago out of shower curtain rings!

How to Make a DIY Charcuterie Board

The whole thing was a breeze to put together and felt very whimsical.

Our toddler wasn’t digging the food options though so we decided to throw together a little S’more charcuterie board for him (and us 😉).

I tried to create some camping vibes with our new EverBrite LED Camping Lantern, I think he was into it!

Ideas for Charcuterie Boards

Here are some other great ways to use charcuterie boards:

-Pair with fresh bread/wine for a hostess or housewarming gift

-Family movie night with a candy and popcorn charcuterie board

-Hot cocoa charcuterie board with all the best toppings

-Pizza charcuterie board with different types of toppings and breadsticks

Just a few fun ways to use a charcuterie board!

Let me know what you think of this easy project and what your favorite type of charcuterie board is.

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Charcuterie Board Woodworking

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