How to Make DIY No Sew Pumpkin Pillows :

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How to Make DIY No Sew Pumpkin Pillows

Make these easy DIY no sew pumpkin pillows to add to your cozy fall or Halloween home decor

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There are two things our home has more than enough of: 1. Candles 2. Pillows (also love but I was trying not to be cheesy).

That’s because candles and pillows are the essence of a cozy home, which is always my goal.

Curating a cozy home is always on my mind but its especially true during fall.

There is just something about the cool breeze and the changing of the leaves that makes me want to get snuggly on the couch and sip something warm.

In our home I definitely lean into decorating more for fall than I do Halloween simply because I can keep all the decor up until late November.

Our latest fall pumpkin pillow DIY is perfect for decorating for both though, so win win!

I have been eyeing these plush pumpkin pillows from Pottery Barn for awhile now but they are on the pricey side…

So I decided this year I would grab some of my favorite WORKPRO® Tools and DIY my own no sew version.

How to Make DIY Pumpkin Pillows

Pumpkin Pillow Fabric


Pumpkin Pillow Fabric

Start by choosing the fabric for the pumpkin pillows, I chose a few different types and colors.

For my pumpkin pillows I went with more neutral fall colors so that I could use them in every space.

I also chose a few different types of fabric, the sherpa fleece is most similar to the Pottery Barn pumpkin pillows I love.

Pumpkin Pillow Fabric

You can utilize all different types, textures, and even print fabrics for this pillow project.

Once you have your fabric ready, decide on the size you want your pumpkin pillows to be.

Honestly I just eyeballed the fabric and didn’t use any hard measurements for deciding on our pillow size.

Cut out a rectangle of fabric to use for your pumpkin pillow.

Creating Pumpkin Pillow Form

After the fabric is cut down to size, use a large sewing needle and yarn to weave around the outside edges of the fabric.

I know I said this is a no sew diy pillow, and it is, you don’t have to have any sewing experience to do this.

While making the pillows I did learn a few helpful tricks for this part:

  1. Keep the weaves close together, don’t have large gaps in between where the needle goes in and out of the fabric
  2. Use thick yarn or really strong string so that it doesn’t break when it comes time to pull the ends together
Creating Pumpkin Pillow Form

After you have the edges of the fabric weaved, pull the strings slightly so that you have a round form ready to fill.

Fill the pumpkin pillow form with the poly-fil stuffing until it’s nice and full.

Creating Pumpkin Pillow Form

Then pull the two ends of the yarn together tightly to seal the pillow.

Next I used twine/hemp/or yarn to create the ribs of the pumpkin (that is what they are called, I looked it up and everything).

Creating Pumpkin Pillow Form

I tied one end of the hemp twine to the center and wrapped it around the pumpkin to create the look of pumpkin ribs.

There is no wrong way to do this part, some of my pumpkin pillows have wide chunky ribs and some are closer together.

DIY Pumpkin Pillow Stem

DIY Pumpkin Pillow Stem

Finally it’s time to make the pumpkin pillow stem.

You can use anything you want for the base of the stem as long as it has the shape you want.

I opted for using scrap wood pieces cut down to 2-3″ long.

After I had the scrap wood cut, I hot glued and wrapped the wood in twine or yard.

DIY Pumpkin Pillow Stem

Both the yarn and twine variations came out super cute!

Next, I hot glued the stem to the center of the pumpkin, if you have a small gap at the top of your pumpkin you could also insert the stem a bit and hot glue around it.

Adding Embellishments to the Pillow

Adding Embellishments to the Pillow

You could honestly be done after you secure the stem to the pumpkin pillow but sometimes I like to be a little “extra”.

On some of the pumpkins I used my WORKPRO Tools plier set to add embellishments to the pillows.

Adding orange and neutral wooden beads perfectly accented the hunter green pumpkin pillow.

Adding Embellishments to the Pillow

I also made one of the pumpkin pillow stems a little more glam by adding plastic diamonds.

This is officially the first project I didn’t suffer from a hot glue burn thanks to the pliers.

DIY No Sew Pumpkin Pillows Reveal

These pumpkin pillows turned out so darn cute!

They are the perfect addition to our fall decor and can be used in so many spaces.

How to Make DIY No Sew Pumpkin Pillows

My favorite part of this DIY is how budget friendly they were to make and I only needed a few of my favorite WORKPRO Tools.

How to Make DIY No Sew Pumpkin Pillows

I made five pumpkin pillows for the cost of one of the Pottery Barn pillows, plus I have extra fabric to make even more.

These stuffed pumpkin pillows would also make super cute gifts or even a fall centerpiece.

How to Make DIY No Sew Pumpkin Pillows

Let me know what you think of our DIY pumpkin pillow project and which pillow is your favorite!

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