How to Paint a KitchenAid Mixer: The Easy Way :

How to Paint a KitchenAid Mixer: The Easy Way

Easily update your current KitchenAid Mixer with paid and gold Rub N Buff

I feel like the day you buy or receive a KitchenAid Mixer is the day you officially begin adulthood.

My KitchenAid mixer was given to me for Christmas the year I bought my first house.

I was really really excited even though I knew nothing about cooking (still don’t).

It was that really pretty aqua color and went with my mix matched, eclectic kitchen perfectly!

Fast forward about 10 years and two houses later, my KitchenAid is still going strong but my kitchen style has definitely changed.

Now my aqua blue mixer is kind of clashing with the rest of my kitchen style so I decided to grab some paint and give it a much needed makeover.

How to Paint a KitchenAid Mixer
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How to Paint a KitchenAid Mixer


  • Primer/Base Coat Spray Paint
  • Painters Tape
  • Rub N Buff
  • Makeup Brush

There are so many color options for a KitchenAid Mixer now, so you don’t have to guess at which color you would like to use to repaint your KitchenAid Mixer.

One option is to head over to the KitchenAid website and color match one of those colors to a spray paint.

If you are having trouble deciding between a more neutral color or a pop of color here are some things to consider:

  1. Will the KitchenAid be left on the counter at all times
  2. Does your kitchen have an eclectic or neutral color style
  3. Will you get bored with a bright color in a month or two

If you are on the fence, the safe bet is to stick with a more neutral color but it is only paint and nobody says you can’t repaint your KitchenAid mixer later…

Or you can get really wild like we are about to and go completely rouge, creating a color of our own.

Prepping the Mixer for Paint

Before any of the fun painting can begin the KitchenAid mixer needs to be prepped.

This involves removing all the pieces that can be easily removed.

How to Paint a KitchenAid Mixer

The screws for the band around the top of the mixer are located in the back making that easy to remove.

I also removed the part that the bowl locks into and the KitchenAid emblem on the front.

These pieces will remain the color they are and go back on at the end.

After those pieces were removed I gave the entire mixer a good degreasing.

The yuck that was stored in all those crevices was really gross and I am now adding “deep clean Kitchenaid” to my deep cleaning house checklist.

How to Paint a KitchenAid Mixer

After the mixer is squeaky clean, use painters tape to tape off the knobs and mixer parts that can’t easily be removed.

I also taped off the long cord so that no spray paint would get on it.

Priming/Painting a KitchenAid Mixer

Now that everything is either taped off or removed it’s time to prime the mixer.

I used black Rustoleum Paint/Primer spray paint to coat the entire mixer.

For our mixer I wanted the base color to be black but if you are going with a neutral or pop of color instead I recommend using a white primer and base layer.

can you paint a kitchenaid mixer

I did two complete coats of black spray paint.

Pro Tip: make sure to lift up the mixer head and get those crevices also.

After the paint was dry I was already liking this color a lot more than the aqua.

For my mixer I used a satin spray paint but the traditional sheen is usually glossy.

Adding Texture to a KitchenAid Mixer

Now this is where the magic happened for our KitchenAid mixer makeover!

I grabbed my favorite Antique Gold Rub n Buff and started dabbing it on with a clean makeup brush.

There are a lot of different ways to apply Rub n Buff but I find that a makeup brush leaves just the right amount of texture.

can you paint a kitchenaid mixer

If you are wanting more coverage I recommend using a clean cotton cloth instead.

I worked my way around the entire mixer with the first coat of gold.

Once it dried, I decided I wanted a little less black peeking through, so I did one more coat.

This is exactly the patina finish I wanted for our KitchenAid mixer!

repaint kitchenaid mixer

Next, I sealed it with a spray-on sealer to lock in the finish and protect it from the inevitable food splashes and cleanings later.

The pieces and parts that I removed earlier have been soaking in hot water and Dawn dish-soap mixed in.

Once they were clean and dry I reattached them to the mixer.

Painted Kitchenaid Mixer Reveal

repaint kitchenaid mixer

The aqua blue KitchenAid mixer served me well for many many years but I am in love with this new antique gold look!

This patina finish now fits the rest of our kitchen’s style and gave the mixer some really cool looking texture.

painting kitchenaid mixer

I am so glad I gave painting it a try, it would have been really silly to spend all that money on a new mixer just to get a different color.

Especially since this mixer still works perfectly, talk about a quality product.

The only other thing I am looking into buying is a new mixing bowl.

painting kitchenaid mixer

They have so many cool colors and designs now, plus they aren’t super expensive.

It would be very handy to have an extra mixing bowl, especially around the holidays.

Let me know what you think of this KitchenAid Mixer makeover and what color you would choose.

KitchenAid Mixer Bowls

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