How We Became a Top Reviewed Florist in New York City

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Customer reviews have become an essential part of any business. In fact, 92% of consumers read an online review before purchasing a product. When we tell you that Scotts Flowers in NYC is a top reviewed florist, we have a good reason why.

At Scotts, we always strive to provide the highest quality flowers to our customers. It’s not easy to receive positive customer reviews, but our ultimate goal has been to ensure that none of our products are average in quality. This is why the majority of our online reviews are positive, and we’ve slowly grown to become a top reviewed florist in NYC.

A lot goes into writing a review. While many customers may find them too time consuming and cumbersome to prepare, each actual review represents emotion, experience, and empowerment. It’s not easy for any business to accumulate good reviews, but Scotts has been receiving the lion’s share of positive comments on Yelp and other similar sites.

Overall Scotts Flowers is a fantastic boutique. The flowers are luxurious, the service is impeccable, and the best part is: Scotts is family-owned which is something you rarely see in today’s world. I would give them more stars if I could!

-Nick C.

But what caused us to become a top reviewed florist in NYC? 

Where it all began

The journey towards Scotts Flowers becoming a highly reviewed business started many years ago. It was 1947 when the original Scotts Flowers Company was purchased by Robert Palliser, Sr. Since then, the company has been family owned and operated. Perhaps it was Robert Palliser’s Vietnam veteran background that inspired our history of hard work and a true passion for the floral industry. It’s this passion that set a solid foundation for the quality floral products we provide.

Over the years, Scotts has built off its strong foundation of hard work and excellence. The company is now well into its second generation of leadership and we still draw inspiration from our founding principles.

What makes us special is that we strive to satisfy each and every customer we come across. Whether you’re looking for flowers for a corporate event or you simply need a last minute birthday present, our quality florists will go above and beyond to prepare something that will put a smile on your loved one’s face.

Getting to this point hasn’t been easy. We took the time to understand what our customers wanted, integrated our services to suit NYC residents, and worked to develop strong relationships with a wide network of suppliers. With our core operations in place, we’ve steadily worked towards becoming a top reviewed florist in NYC. 

What goes into writing a customer review?

When you read a positive customer review, you may think that such reviews come easy. However, the reality is that getting positive customer reviews is harder than one might think. It’s often easier for consumers to share a negative experience about a company than a positive one. In fact, American consumers will share a bad customer service experience with 15 people, while only sharing a positive experience with 11 people or less.

This is why we pride ourselves in receiving so many good reviews. We know that a single positive comment represents many other similar thoughts from our customers. These reviews mean a lot to us, because 63% of customers are more likely to purchase from a company that has been reviewed by others.

But what’s the motivation behind a customer review? And what do consumers look to communicate when they write a review?

Most customer reviews are emotionally driven. Whether positive or negative, any person who buys our flowers and has a strong emotional reaction is likely to type up a review.

When you see our Yelp page booming with reviews, it’s a sign that we connect emotionally with our customers. This is important for us because we sell flowers, and flowers are a big part of representing various emotions.

  • Empowering other customers

Reviews are also a good platform for consumers to express themselves and their experiences with a particular company. After shopping at Scotts, many NYC residents feel the need and inspiration to share their experiences (with others) about our products.

Reviews speak volumes to other customers. In fact, these positive comments continue to drive business and inspire us to become even better in our service delivery.

  • Promoting a strong sense of community

Contrary to what most people think, NYC is a tightly knit community. You’d be surprised to know that many reviews are driven by customers who wish to share their knowledge and experiences with others.

At Scotts, our customers obtain satisfaction in sharing reviews about their flowers and floral arrangements. Such reviews feed the ego in an interesting way, and they help us obtain more customers as a result.

What Makes Our Flowers So Special

Before a business can get positive reviews, it must provide quality and outstanding services. Scotts Flowers knows this, and we’ve made quality our goal since inception.

As a high-end flower company in NYC, we know that a single low-quality product can result in tons of negative reviews. Even worse is that it can result in a dissatisfied customer, and we hate to see that happen.

Luckily, we work tirelessly to make all our flowers truly special. But what is the secret behind our success?

  1. Quality that is second to none

As Scotts, we pride ourselves in offering superior quality. Every flower we select is handpicked from our network of trusted vendors, and we work with both local and international suppliers to give you a wide selection of floral products for any occasion. Our team of full-time florists also works around the clock to select only the best flowers for your special occasion.

  1. A personal touch

Our customers are more than just a number. Each person is different, and we appreciate the value that all our buyers provide to our company. We learn a lot from our customers through their helpful reviews and the products they purchase. We then use this information to improve our product catalogue and to meet the unique needs of all our customers.

No wonder we’re a top reviewed florist in NYC; we work hard to meet your needs.

  1. Competitive pricing

Finally, we offer value for your money. When you pay small or big bucks for any of our floral arrangements, you won’t have much buyer’s remorse. Every dollar you spend with us goes into providing you with quality flowers that you’ll absolutely love.

We pride ourselves in being a top reviewed florist in NYC. Getting positive customer reviews is not easy, and this shows you that you can trust Scotts to deliver when you need our services the most.

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