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What are we most thankful for in 2020? That it’s finally drawing to an end! While flowers are always a gorgeous addition to any table, it feels especially fitting this year. We’ve been clinging to anything and everything beautiful and calming during this crazy and stressful time – as we’re sure you have too! What better way to celebrate the season of thanks than with beautiful blooms? Check out our designers’ recommendations for your Thanksgiving florals.

long and low white thanksgiving floral arrangement

Maria’s special favorite because:

It’s so elegant and gorgeous. The white blooms are beautiful and simple and the greenery is a little wild – like beautiful controlled chaos. I always tell clients that have modern or minimalist homes that this is the perfect arrangement.

long and low fall thanksgiving floral arrangement

Rosa thinks this arrangement is great for the person who: 

Loves classic fall colors. The dahlias and scabiosa are so rich and moody in this arrangement, while the garden roses give a bright pop of soft sunset. It reminds me of a hidden moonlit garden and it’s a show-stopping centerpiece for a long table.

mason thanksgiving floral arrangement

Jess says it’s perfect for: 

The kid’s table! This petite arrangement is also brilliant for adding a ton of florals to your table in a way that’s really flexible for fitting in the most important items – the food! I love to scatter 5-7 mason jars down the entire length of my table, so everyone gets to enjoy flowers in front of them.

autumn forage thanksgiving floral arrangement

Marin loves it because:

It’s funky and fun! The vessel alone is gorgeous, and the flowers take it over the top. It reminds me of modern cornucopia vibes: a ton of abundance spilling out onto the table. The contrasting white florals and rust-colored magnolia leaves with the touch of deep purple… SO chic.

wrap thanksgiving floral arrangement

Why it’s David’s go-to:

I already have a zillion-and-one vases at home! I love our wraps because they’re affordable, quick, and easy – you don’t have to completely rearrange them like the ones you get at the grocery store. I pop them in my favorite vase and they’re good to go.

old tucson thanksgiving floral arrangement

Christina’s recommendation because: 

I love dense arrangements with minimal greenery, so this one is great. It’s the perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving because it’s low and compact, so you don’t have to strain to see the person sitting across from you – very important for someone petite like me!


Check out our full offering of Thanksgiving centerpieces here. You can place your order online, by phone, or in-store. Delivery and pick up options available until 6pm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

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