Orchids and Their Amazing Originality

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Orchids have quickly become one of the most popular types of flowers in New York City. With over 25,000 different kinds, and not one being the same, orchids have a certain mystique about them that makes them unique from other flowers and plants.

With the orchid having so many varieties, it also makes them perfect for almost any occasion; from sprucing up the office, to bringing calm to your home, to the perfect orchid arrangement for your wedding, orchids can be used to express numerous feelings and emotions.

Here at Scotts Flowers NYC, we keep a constant stock of fresh and exotic orchids. With over 50 years’ experience handling and selecting orchids, we can guarantee we have the perfect orchid for your occasion. You can shop our orchids here or at the end of this article, for now, let’s learn more about this amazing flowering plant. This article will go through the history of the orchids, the orchid today, uses in the modern world, and our incredible selection here at Scotts.

The History of the Orchid

Since Ancient Greece, the orchid has been used to symbolize a plethora of emotion; elegance, grace, innocence, and more. The Greeks also used the orchid as an aphrodisiac as well as for medicinal purposes.

How old is the modern orchid? Around 300 B.C. Aristotle’s apprentice wrote about the flowering plant, and this was the first time they were referred to as orchids. So yes, the orchid has been around for a very, very long time!

Confucius was also obsessed with the orchid. History tells us that one day while strolling through the forest he came across a beautiful field of wild orchids. He was in awe of their sensual fragrance and referred to the orchids as “noble scholars” in one of his poems.

The Orchid Today

Today, orchids can be found naturally growing all over the world. Florists are still searching the world for exotic species and locations of this incredible flowering plant. The orchid is mostly found in warmer climates like Hawaii, Brazil, and Southeast Asia. With that being said, can the orchid live and grow indoors? Absolutely. 

The idea that orchids are extremely hard to care for is certainly a myth. While the flowering plant may require some special watering and certain soils to grow, it doesn’t take anything special for the common gardener or homeowner to keep their orchids alive. The American Orchid Society gives a lot of helpful tips on how to water your orchid, how to feed your orchid, how to repot your orchid, and much more.

Other Modern Uses for The Orchid

Outside of beautiful orchid arrangements bringing light and calmness to your NYC home or office, the orchid is also used in other ways throughout the world today.

  1. Medicine – Certain types of orchids are used for medicinal purposes. For example, the Chinese use the dried orchid in a form of medicinal tea that is believed to help strengthen your immune system, possess antibacterial matter, and even fight cancer!
  1. Beverage – Asides from tea, the orchid is also ground into a fine flour (Salep) and used in beverages and desserts in Turkey and other parts of Southeast Asia. Salep is made by grinding down the orchid tubers to a very, very fine powder. Salep is most known for its use in beverages like tea and iced coffee. Want to try Salep in NYC? Check out these locations!
  1. Fertilizer! – Orchids possess very crucial nutrients for other plants. So how can you use the orchids to help out the other flowers and plants in your garden? Have some orchid blooms or stems? Simply cut them up and spread them around your soil like you would any other compost! 
  1. Vanilla! – Yes, that is correct, vanilla is actually a member of the orchid family. Vanilla extract comes from the orchid, Vanilla Planifolia, so next time you’re enjoying some Vanilla, remember your orchids!

Our Orchids at Scotts Flowers NYC

Due to their increase in popularity and uses for several different occasions, we stock a wide variety of orchids at Scotts. From the white orchid to mini orchid gardens, when shopping at Scotts, these are the types of orchids you can expect to see in your NYC floral arrangements.

The White Orchid

Our white orchid, along with our other orchids, comes in a unique and modern clay pot. The white orchid is sometimes referred to as the perfect orchid because of its clean beauty and aromatic fragrance.

The white orchid represents beauty and elegance and can be used in a variety of events and occasions. Liven up the home? A unique, yet perfect flower for your wedding day? Don’t forget to consider the white orchid! 

Purple Orchids

Purple and Pink Orchids

Asides from the elegant white, we also stock purple and pink orchids here at Scotts! Due to their royal color, sending someone purple orchids here in NYC shows a sign of respect and admiration; a gift to someone you look up to. In China, the purple orchid also represents the innocence of children and refinement.

We also offer the pink orchid. Aside from the expected love, joy, and femininity, the pink orchid is also used to celebrate the 14th and 28th wedding anniversary!

mini orchid garden

Mini Orchid Garden

Our mini orchid garden is a true beauty! We put together our pink and lavender orchids along with a succulent and white rocks to create a truly beautiful arrangement!

Assorted Mini Orchids

These mini orchids are a real treat and an absolute guarantee to liven up absolutely any space. Coming in a rainbow of colors, the availability varies day to day because we are bringing in new varieties every week! Make sure to check these out!

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant

The beautiful Snake Plant is also one of the best plants for improving air quality in your home or office. The Snake Plant is most recommended for your bedroom as it turns CO2 into Oxygen while you sleep! Aside from the air benefits, this striking plant is also a top choice for customers because it requires very little maintenance.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is an indoor plant that has large, dark green leaves accompanied by beautiful white flowers. Also known as “the closet plant”, Peace Lilies do extremely well in low light and only need to be watered maybe one to two times per week – making them a great choice for the amateur gardener as well! 

The Peace Lily also has a lot of symbolic meaning. For example, the Peace Lily is a great way to show your sympathy and condolences as the plant represents peace, happiness, and rebirth of the soul. This plant also has a very important role in the world of Feng Shui. The Peace Lily is believed to not only bring balance to an individual’s energy but it is also believed to give off very cleansing energy.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant

Structurally gorgeous, this low-maintenance plant is absolutely perfect for your NYC home or office. Due to the fact that the ZZ plant can thrive in low light and dry air, it really is a great choice for your office. Oh, did we mention that it can still survive when watered every few weeks? It’s true, but it does still love to be watered regularly!

Asides from being one of the toughest plants out there, the ZZ plant is also great for air purification as it is known to remove Toluene and Xylene from the air around you (Xylene and Toluene are very toxic & bad for your overall health and well-being!)

Sansevieria Cylindrica

Last but not least, the Sansevieria Cylindrica

Much easier to care for than to say, the Sansevieria Cylindrica, also known as the African Spear Plant, is a truly breathtaking plant. This plant has incredibly smooth, cylinder-like leaves and comes in a unique pottery pot and white rocks. The Sansevieria Cylindrica is very similar to the snake plant when it comes to care and maintenance.

Like the Snake Plant, it is a great idea to keep the Sansevieria Cylindrica next to your bed as it is a top-achiever when it comes to air purification. It is known to remove not only Carbon Monoxide, but also Benzene, Xylene, and Formaldehyde. When it comes to watering, the Sansevieria is a breeze! In the winter, a watering monthly will suffice & during the summer, every couple weeks will suffice!

Why Scotts Flowers NYC for Your Orchids and Plants?

Whether you need luxury orchid delivery to your home, business, or a special event, we have you covered at Scotts Flowers NYC. Every orchid is specially handpicked and our business prides itself on luxury and expertise. When you are ready to find your perfect orchid, shop here, or call our expert florists at (800) 726-8874.

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