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We can’t believe the holidays are already here!! This time of year is merry and bright… but also often stressful. Decorating should always be the former! Thankfully, it’s easier than it seems to get a professionally-styled look. Read on for some of our favorite styling tips – for the holidays, and for any of your gatherings throughout the year.

Use asymmetry to your advantage

A general rule of thumb for styling: embrace the odd. Odd numbers, to be precise. It’s so simple, yet instantly effective. Arranging items in collections of 3’s, 5’s, 7’s, and so on, will make your table feel instantly polished. On that note, think of arranging things as if you’re creating invisible triangles. Sound weird? Think of how you naturally stagger things – candlesticks that are placed in a zig-zagging line or clusters look much more elegant than ones stiffly arranged in a straight line. It’s that je ne sais quoi factor that appeals to the eye.

Play with height

When thinking of centerpieces for dinner parties, the go-to shape is long and short. A natural choice, since it’s not particularly enjoyable to have a conversation across the table with someone that you can barely see through a dense collection of flowers! However, it is possible to create a tabletop showstopper without sacrificing eye contact.

Use candles to create upward movement. Candlesticks are timeless and raise the romance-factor of any table immediately. And like a great pair of heels, you can dress them down… or to the nines. Add them in among lush arrangements or elevate a casual greenery garland. Alternatively, pillar candles in extravagantly tall glass vessels provide instant drama, without any visual obstruction. 

Florals can go tall, too! Stick to thin stems or delicately sparse arrangements so that the beauty of your table doesn’t interfere with the flow of conversation.

Collect and curate

The best objects and decor for your home take time and patience to find – and it’s worth it! There’s a definite difference between a space that feels collected and one that looks decorated. Your home will always look naturally styled when it’s filled exclusively with pieces that you have handpicked and absolutely adore. The best ways to find some amazing pieces? By finding unique work from small-scale artists and local designers, hunting for gems in thrift stores and antique shops, popping into hole-in-the-wall places when traveling, and only buying trendy items if you know they’ll fit with your look and that you’ll love them for years to come.

Carry consistency beyond the table

Consider all of the nooks in your home that you’ll be decorating. An overarching theme goes a long way to lend sophistication to your holiday decor, and carrying the same florals and greenery from room to room looks impossibly chic. Choose what colors and textures you want to play with, and lend them to all of your finishing touches; from the wreath on your front door and your entryway arrangement to your table settings and coffee table centerpiece.

What are your go-to styling tricks? Let us know in the comments below!

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