Pottery Barn Inspired Slipcover Couch Review: Budget Option :

Pottery Barn Inspired Slipcover Couch Review: Budget Option

Here is everything you need to know about this budget friendly Pottery Barn inspired slipcover couch

Can I just start by saying whoever invented slipcovers is brilliant and definitely had a toddler at some point.

When we bought our home almost three years ago, we bought a pretty standard upholstered sofa from Wayfair.

It was nice and neutral and a really good size, but at the time we had four dogs and a toddler running around so it definitely got abused.

pottery barn sofa reviews

The frame along the bottom broke so sitting on it felt like you were sinking in quicksand.

It was also not the most ideal couch to clean because the back cushions were not solid pieces, just fluff filled cases.

So whenever I removed the cushion cases to be washed the fluff would never fit just right again…

The final straw for this couch though was the morning our toddler dumped an entire bottle of Dales Sauce onto it and it seeped into the base frame.

After a good hour of scrubbing I decided it was time to call time of death on the upholstered couch.

Which led to the search for a new couch that was affordable, easy to clean, and pretty.

I immediately set my eyes on the Pottery Barn slipcover couch and fell in love with everything about it except the price…

I am not in my “buy the expensive couch” era, I am in my “buy the couch the animals and toddler won’t destroy” era.

So after literally two days of searching and researching couches similar to the Pottery Barn slipcover couch I found one!

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Here is my completely honest review of the Pottery Barn inspired slipcover couch

pottery barn sofa reviews

Did I mention I found this slipcover couch online and it had zero reviews?

Talk about risky business…

I tried searching the manufacturer and everything but couldn’t find any reviews for that exact couch so I was really just hoping and praying for the best.

Assembling the Couch

Thankfully this slipcover couch shipped out very fast, about two weeks, and arrived just a few days later.

It came in one large heavy box and was super easy to put together.

pottery barn sofa reviews

For once the instructions were clear and the parts were all labeled.

Adam was at work when the couch arrived so rather than waiting for him to get home I put it together solo.

It took me about 25 minutes and wasn’t hard at all.

I would score the assembly 10/10!

Slipcover Pieces

I was worried about how the cushions would arrive, solid pieces, or fluff filled.

When I saw that they were solid foam pieces I was ecstatic!

	pottery barn slipcover sofa reviews

Each piece of this couch has its own slipcover which is a huge bonus.

There is one large slipcover for the frame, one for the long bottom cushion, and one for each back cushion, plus two pillows.

Each piece having its own slipcover will make washing and maintaining this couch 100x easier.

The directions said to steam or iron the slipcovers before putting them on but I was too excited and couldn’t wait.

They were obviously a bit wrinkly but they ironed out no problem.

I would score the slipcover pieces 10/10!

Color/Texture of the Slipcover Couch

At first I was nervous because the uncovered couch frame was a stark white.

I ordered the couch in white but I was hoping for a more neural white if that makes sense.

	pottery barn slipcover sofa reviews

Thankfully the slipcovers are the perfect shade of white, not so bright and stark.

The fabric is polyester and feels like polyester…

It is not super, super soft like cotton but not uncomfortable or itchy.

The last couch’s fabric was definitely more textured and that made it a magnet for dog hair.

pottery barn slipcover sofa reviews

So far the smooth texture of this slipcover couch has been much better for removing the black hairs of our pup.

I still swear by this Amazon dog hair remover tool though, this thing is amazing and I tell everyone about it I possibly can!

I would score the color/texture of this couch 9/10!

Slipcover Couch Comfort Level

Pottery Barn Inspired Slipcover Couch Review: Budget Option

I will go ahead and say this slipcover couch is not like sitting on a cloud.

For us the firmness is a welcome change from the swallow you whole couch that we had before it.

I would say this slipcover couch has a medium firmness to it.

It is very comfortable but if you are looking for a couch that is extra squishy, this is not the couch for you.

Pottery Barn Inspired Slipcover Couch Review: Budget Option

Adam is very happy with the firmness of our new couch, I would normally prefer it to be a little squishier but I think after a few months it will break in exactly how I want it to.

I would score the comfort level of this couch 8/10!

Overall Review of the Pottery Barn Inspired Slipcover Couch

Overall I am super happy with this Pottery Barn inspired slipcover couch!

It is beautiful in our space and so far holding up really well to the wear and tear of our home’s occupants.

I have not taken the slipcovers off yet to machine wash them but I have spot cleaned them with no trouble.

Once I machine wash the covers I will update this post with that experience as well.

Pottery Barn Inspired Slipcover Couch Review: Budget Option

If I could change one thing about this couch it would be to make it 3 inches taller.

Our last couch was 3″ taller than this one, so seeing this smaller height kind of caught me off guard (why did I assume all couch heights were the same).

In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really bother me though.

For the price of this couch I am super satisfied with the quality and appearance!

This is definitely a more budget friendly version of the Pottery Barn slipcover couch and I don’t feel like you are losing anything with the off brand version.

I would absolutely recommend this slipcover couch to anyone who was looking!

Hopefully this helps you in your quest for a new couch, if you have any questions about the couch let me know.

If you want to check out some more splurge vs save couch options, you can find some of my favorites here!

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