Think about Bathroom Accent Wall Like a Pro

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Why would you want a bathroom accent wall? Sometimes it happens like this.

You think that all you want is to get rid of that outdated, chipped tile that is so annoying. So you start with Home Depot just to have an idea of what kinds of tiles are available and trendy. Then you find your way to a smaller tile store with a myriad of absolutely gorgeous mosaics, porcelain, or marble tiles. But one tile in particular just calls your name. Well, turns out it is either too expensive or too busy for the whole bathroom. So you settle for a bathroom accent wall instead. Sounds familiar? Yes, my friend, it happened to me too.

In truth, I’ve seen some perfectly designed bathroom accent walls. And I’ve seen just as many flops.

Because it is so easy to make expensive mistakes when dreaming up your new bathroom I decided to offer my two cents on the subject of choosing tiles as well as accent walls.

Floor to Ceiling Bathroom Accent Wall

bathroom accent wall
Design: Hilary Hale Interiors. Source: Tile Bar. Tile: Kenridge Ribbon Maple 24×48

Truth be told, it almost always looks good and more harmonious when a bathroom accent wall or a feature wall goes continuously from floor to ceiling. Use an organic pattern for a clean unassumed look.

marble bathroom accent wall in beige in a steam room
Design: Black Laquer Design. Tiles Sources: Wall Tristone and Tile, Inc Dover white Marble; Floor- Tile Bar, Bowery Lefenice Polished Marble 8×8

This gorgeous bathroom/steam room is the work of Black Laquer Design. The back bathroom accent wall boasts carefully selected and matched marble slabs that form an organic pattern similar to the ones you see in the cathedrals of Malta. It is mysterious but at the same time glamourous. The free-flowing pattern of the wall is juxtaposed with the streamlined chevron pattern.

monochromatic bathroom tiles
Found on Pinterest. Tile Source: Tile Club; Tile: Cinca Bernini

If you crave clarity and simplicity but still want variety go with identical colors and textures. Then introduce several shapes throughout the bathroom. Sometimes, an ordinary subway tile can look fresh if you install it diagonally. All of a sudden it creates a subtle bathroom accent wall that is smart and unpretentious!

Foud on Pinterest. Tile Source: Tile Club; Tile: Cinca Factory

Clearly, the safest way to achieve the look that will last is to use monochromatic or neutral colors. And if you don’t want it to look boring introduce several textures. Add cheery furniture within the same style. Finish it all by using amazing lights or sconces.

Tip: Avoid this:

black and white square of tile

On the other hand, when a square appears randomly in the middle of the wall it creates visual confusion. Check out an image below. This accent looks like a very pretty patch. Am I right?

Accent Wall Around the Vanity

Pretty wall tile, right? Except ironically, if you use it all throughout the bathroom it will lose its glamorous appeal. It’s meant to be used as jewelry- in small amounts.

For an organic look that is also rooted in industrial design using a combination of grainy wood and veiny stone. Compliment with details with strong geometric lines. Add flowers to soften it up a bit. Apparently, this look is energetic and calm at the same time.

Shower Accent Wall

blue wall tile in the bathroom and pattern floor tile
Found on Pinterest

For those who like a combination of gold and muted blues, this bathroom design might look ideal. I like how shiny herringbone glass tile co-exists with the circular cement look of the floor. This shower accent wall is perfectly installed as well.

Want to energize when you take a shower? introduce a brisk geometric pattern! That simple! Pull the neutral colors from the pattern, such as dark gray and medium gray for other surfaces.

gray industrial tile in the shower
Source: Tile Club

Obviously, you don’t have to use colors if that’s not your thing. Tactile qualities of stone can bring in enough interest to your bathroom design. Use three-dimensional tiles, mosaic tiles, and large squares of the same neutral colors for a distinctly industrial look.

Tip: Don’t use too many different color patterns in one small bathroom.

blue geometric tile in the shower, beige tile in the bathroom
Found on Pinterest

In my opinion, the accent wall and the floor of the above bathroom don’t quite work together. The whole mood of the beige elements is somewhat a marriage of farmhouse and provincial styles. Meanwhile, the blue geometric pattern distracts and creates confusion.

Tip: be careful combining gray and white carrara with beige. Carrara marble look works much better alone or with bright colors as accent, such as touquoise, hot pink or red.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Any questions that you might have about your bathroom accent wall? Shoot an e-mail to me at

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