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Keeping my bewildered eyes on the news, photos, and videos about the war in Ukraine is what I have been doing for the last week. Then I came across an article by one of the popular bloggers The Roaming Boomers, Ukraine, War, and Travel who wrote a short matter-of-fact little post about European travel where he states:

“The sad and likely scenario is that Ukraine will fall to the overpowering forces against them”.

And then:

“And further, as you can see on the map, this conflict is quite far removed from the European countries where most of us desire to travel”.

So this is my reply:

Ukraine will NEVER fall!

Even if there is one person left in Ukraine this country will NOT fall.

Ukrainian bride and groom and Ukrainian flag

It is true that the forces are not equal and Russia’s military resources are larger.

But Russian soldiers have no idea what and why they are killing.

Any war, especially this one, is about people.

Ukrainian children

Ukrainians and I happen to be being one of them by birth, will fight and WIN with or without arms, with or without missiles, with or without help from anyone.

Even if Putin places his dogs in Kyiv it will mean nothing in terms of actual victory over the people’s minds.

Ukrainian people will not obey.

A servant will spit in their soup.

A teacher will conduct underground education of the children until they know the truth.

There will be a partisan war on all levels and so strong that the occupiers will be thrilled to get out.

War in Ukraine is Hopeless for the Aggressor.

All these years in the United States I saw beautiful images of Ukraine as peaceful, warm, beautiful, musical, spirited, smart, colorful, funny, spirited, unique, multicultural, humorous, alive!

The Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet is the oldest theater in Odessa, Ukraine.
a Ukrainian woman in the window
Ukrainian men playing chess

Now my mental images are poisoned by a spray of hallucinative horror. It’s like someone has painted beautiful pictures with blood and death. The grief is blood-deep and paralyzing, but also powerful at the same time.

Ukrainian people hiding in war shelter

I am in awe of Ukrainians.

My dear friend in Odessa with whom I grew up is actually trying to calm me down, not vice versa.

This is the image that she sent me today, a beautiful flower in February in the middle of the chaos. I think it is very symbolic.

And one more thing, David.

This “conflict” concerns ALL OF US, and it is not “quite far removed”. If you think about it real hard, you’ll get it.

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