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Holiday Season or not when you are sipping tea in Hotel Das Tyrol in Vienna the holiday mood wraps you up from head to toe. I was crazy lucky to spend a few days with my daughter in Vienna just at the very start of the Christmas Market time. Spending time with Rachel alone is a gift not even to mention the super fun hotel that looks and smells like a delicious and exquisite desert.

When you stay at Hotel Das Tyrol ( Mariafer Strasse 15, 06 Mariahif 1060 Vienna) you are literally just a few minutes away from everything. You can spend countless hours at the Museum Quarter, and because it is full of places for breaks you won’t be tired. With a remarkable ZOOM- Children’s Museum, Leopold Museum, and The Museum of Architecture I guarantee everyone will find something of interest.

There are plenty of places to eat around Tyrol. For example, for breakfast or lunch, we liked healthy choices at a cafe inside ZOOM. For a memorable dessert, we chose OBERLAA, and if you want a guilt-free somewhat healthy casual place consider a number of Turkish restaurants right up the street.

Because it was the end of November the hotel was decorated for the Holiday Season in the most unexpected way. Prepare yourself for a style that can be defined as a touch of Baroque that meets casual laissez-faire. This is to say in plain English- opulent but tasteful and fun.

Yes, there is an elevator for your suitcases. But if you want to use the staircase your sight catches a row of fun colorful figurines that make you smile. One more turn, and you face glossy mushrooms as you ascend further up the staircase.

On the ground floor in the bar area, I was amused by the cats and fish installation.

And if you don’t feel like a ten-year-old yet let your eye wander further. Now I bet you’ll want to touch the birds perched on the “snowy” branches.

And if the birds are not your thing notice the suspended figurines floating in the air over the whimsical vases.

When you sit down for coffee or a drink you’ll feel wrapped in luxury and comfort. Red and gold, velvet and mirrors, marble and porcelain- it feels like you are inside a fashion magazine. With bold Attila Adorjan’s artwork on the walls and fabulous tableware, you will discover what it’s like to be pampered.

By the way, every floor hallway has a different theme artwork. Because all of it has bold colors and large scale no matter how different it still works together.

Our floor was unexpectedly Disney! The bright persimmon energy-pumping color of the carpet picks the same fun shades of the iconic Disney characters. So fun!

Even though our room was not too large it looked much bigger because of the reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, glossy panels, glass, and shiny metal. A cozy leather headboard, generous draperies, and crispy white linens kept me longer in bed.

If it wasn’t for the long-awaited exhibitions in nearby Museum Quarters I’d find every excuse to linger in the room. But when I finally made my way to the Leopold Museum I was glad I did. The works of Josef Hoffman, and Koloman Moser, were displayed to further weave the story for me behind the design inspiration of the hotel.

The design concepts of the hotel renovation are rooted in Wiener Werkstätte, a Vieneese movement going back to the beginning of the previous century. The exquisite quality of the materials and furniture, hand-stitched leather of the headboards, gold tones, velvets, and luscious curtains draw from the level of sophistication of the old days.

As in any hospitality venue, the design is as successful as the lighting decisions. Natural light, ambient light, chandeliers, table lamps, spotlights- all of the lighting becomes the main character. And at Tyrol, lighting solutions are fabulous!

You’ll say, “How about all the conveniences we crave when we are away from home?” I hear you. Whether it is an Illy coffee maker with coffee pods, a smart TV with Bose speakers, or a well-functioning walk-in shower I appreciate it all! Did I mention a Dyson hair dryer? Check mark!

Last but not least, there is a lovely spa in the hotel where you can enjoy the sauna and relax.

Needless to say, my head was spinning from all the luxury and inspiration. I am planning to decorate my home for the holidays with the ideas I nurture after the trip. You will be the first to see what I am going to do. Ahh, now I feel it’s a promise so don’t miss my next post.

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