Vintage Playroom Makeover Mood Board Plans :

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Vintage Playroom Makeover Mood Board Plans

All the decor, storage, and furniture ideas to create the perfect vintage inspired playroom

It is finally time to start the renovation our toddler has been waiting on…

The playroom/bunkbed room renovation is officially underway.

We have always known that this spare bedroom would one day be Eli’s playroom and also double as a spare bedroom for his buddies and out of town guests.

I have been planning the design for this room for awhile now, getting all the details just right before we start.

These are the listing photos from when we first bought our home:

Planning a Playroom Sensory Area

Not much has been done in this room besides scraping the popcorn ceilings, ripping out the carpet, and installing new laminate flooring.

The main things I want this room to do is provide a place for Eli to play, be an inviting space for overnight guests, encompass our homes style.

When I am designing a space for Eli, it’s also important to me that the room can grow with him.

I stay away from designs that are super kiddy and will need to be redone every other year… who has the budget for that.

Ideas for a Playroom

So for this space I have decided on vintage hunt club vibes (it’s not technically a style, yet).

Some of my favorite memories growing up were going to horse camp and I have always felt like I should belong to one of those extravagant hunt clubs, even if our income bracket doesn’t support those feelings.

This room however will encompass all the hunt club vibes on the budget we actually have.

There is also a walk-in closet in this room that we will be turning into a sensory space.

It’s the perfect size to meet Eli’s love of confined space needs but still large enough to comfortably fit all the good sensory things we plan to put in it.

Planning a Playroom Sensory Area

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This year when everyone asked what Eli wanted for his birthday we asked them to go in on things for his sensory play area.

Planning a Playroom Sensory Area

Some things that will make up his dream sensory play area are:

The hard part about buying sensory items is that they can be expensive.

Plus you aren’t always sure which things they will love and for how long…

We try and get things that he already uses and enjoys during his OT therapy appointments, but sometimes it’s still hit or miss.

Shopping for these items on Facebook Marketplace is one way to save a little money.

Toy Storage

One of the major components in all playrooms is the toy storage.

This will be his space to play with all the things and make all the messes but when the play is done there needs to be a “home” for everything.

Toy Storage

I have been scouring Facebook Marketplace for old school lockers to redo for the room, but honestly these new lockers from Walmart were basically the same price as the used, rusty ones I found.

I love the vintage vibes of old school lockers and think they will fit the rooms aesthetic perfectly.

Large trunks also feel very hunt club esque so I plan on using a cool storage trunk like this to store all this stuffed animals.

Ideas for a Playroom

Playroom Reading Nook

There is a cool little bump out in this room that will make the perfect little reading nook.

Ideas for a Playroom

I will add some DIY book shelves, seating, and sconces to make this nook perfect for story time.

Normally I build wall book shelves the same way I built our Pottery Barn knockoff photo ledges, but this time I will use a strap of leather along the front.

Ideas for a Playroom

Desk Area

Creating an area for Eli to color, draw, and paint is a must in this playroom.

Who knows he may even do homework here someday… a mom can dream right.

Vintage Playroom Makeover Mood Board Plans

I plan to create a DIY green chalkboard for this area too.

It will be a great way to add more vintage charm and be a fun spot for him to create with chalk.

The black sconces are the plug-in kind so adding extra task lighting will be a breeze.

I love this simple wooden desk and the extra storage the drawers provide.

Vintage Bunk Beds

Originally I was planning on building the bunk beds but then I stumbled upon these vintage inspired bunk beds from Wayfair and knew they were the perfect fit for this space.

The twisted spindles have all the charm and I couldn’t beat the price!

Vintage Playroom Makeover Mood Board Plans

These bunk beds will be perfect for when he has sleepovers or when out of town family come to stay the night.

I found some really cool vintage inspired artwork on Amazon that I will adorn in some thrifted frames.

The room is pretty large so I am going to have fun with different types of prints.

This plaid wallpaper is from Wall Blush and is just the right amount of pattern for the walls without being overwhelming.

It is the perfect muted blue with grey undertones, the color is soothing and not overbearing like the rooms current color.

The gingham curtains and rug will provide the space with subtle color and contrast.

I am in deep love with the color I chose for the bead board, Skipping Stones by Dunn Edwards DURA.

Vintage Playroom Makeover Mood Board Plans

Vintage Playroom Makeover Mood Board Plans

That’s the plan for this future play/bunk bedroom and it might be hard to see now but it’s going to be great!

Now that the design is complete the only thing left is to get to work.

Follow along with us on Instagram as we tackle renovating this space on a DIY budget.

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